Rochester by-election is heading off – but WHO is running the Country?

ukip2Question_mark_(black_on_white)The future of UK politics may well be signposted next month by the Rochester & Strood by-election, don’t you think? The Conservatives don’t want to lose this seat to UKIP, and it would certainly be another major setback to their General Election chances. But is the tail wagging the dog here? Is it itself of critical importance to our economy, our defence, our security, our prosperity, and our future?

The Prime Minister David Cameron seems to think so and immediately following a disastrous European visit where he publically admitted in a Brussels press conference that we were being stuffed financially by the EU by an unpredicted & unexpected (?) additional budget demand, headed straight for that unknown constituency. Another two mistakes in short order, you might think? First his chances of avoiding the EU bill are not only remote, but damaged by his international display of petulance; secondly he is on another loser by securing his personal reputation to the chances on winning at Rochester.

Not only is Cameron focusing his own attention on Party success in a single by-election, but he is also delegating his government ministers & MPs to commit their time & attention on the same goal. Who the bloody heck then is doing the job they are paid for, looking after the interests of their own constituents, doing their critical duties in Parliament, looking after our pressing international affairs, or simply daily running the Country?

Oh yes, it all looks like a lost cause for the Tories at Rochester anyway, if you look at the situation surely? The MP Mark Reckless whose defection to UKIP caused this mayhem is riding high on the surf towards the reelection beach. The initial mistake the Conservatives made was to immediately rubbish him & reportedly undermine him in the other media – that is simply an admission that they previously had selected a crap MP surely?

Then, they have failed to persuade a ‘credible’ opponent to stand against him (some credit there though to the other Tories certainly, who were not prepared to have a massive political failure on their CV?). His nominated candidate now is a status challenged local businesswoman & councilor, one Ms Kelly Tolhurst, selected by a whisker in a distressfully poor ‘primary type’ postal ballot. Her future may be bright but not as the next MP, do you think?

UKIP started the race ahead in the polls and seems to be gaining even more ground [thirteen points ahead now!), which seems unlikely to be totally lost following the final selection of his Conservative opponent a few days ago (despite the Tories throwing the kitchen sink resources at it and spending a fortune into the bargain). Labour are in the mire of course on this one with only about twenty percent voters, and could lose even more support in the next three weeks – as Ed Miliband and his leadership qualities takes another hit by the bile filled resignation of the Scottish Party’s female leader. No point in mentioning the Libdems who will probably be shamelessly last

[We must remember though that the show is never over until the fat lady sings?] 
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Rochester & Strood by-election a spectacular success in the making – but for WHO?

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