Shrien Dewani Trial continues ‘DAY 6’– can it really last two months though?

Anni Dewani murderedAnni Hindocha [MURDERED]


Xolile Mngeni, one of the killers of Anni Hindocha (aka Dewani) has died in prison of a brain tumour (he will not be missed).

Dewani’s assertion is that he didn’t mention the so called ‘planned helicopter flight’ in a staged media interview, to hide the fact that he was carrying the money when hijacked. In fact he had never ever told any of Anni’s family after her murder of any such surprise jolly – funny that (wonder exactly when that rationale first saw the light of day?).

The prosecution have provided evidence that ‘cold & calculating’ Shrien Dewani’s marriage was in problems from the very start (after only days), but were prevented by the Judge from presenting some other hearsay evidence involving such things.

The suggestion is also that he has lied to pretend that his relationship with Anni was sound & loving. [It might be relevant nonetheless that a divorce was on the cards and would have been a Hindu community humiliating disgrace for both Shrien Dewani & his family?].

Dewani, on more than one occasion, told Anni’s family(as a secret indeed)  that she was shot because she screamed – how would he know that, or even say that, if he wasn’t actually there?


[On the evidence so far, Dewani has a long way to go if he is to successfully present himself as a caring & loving man – loyal, moral, and protective attributes are images already lost it would seem?].


PRESIDING:  Deputy Judge President Jeanette Traverso

The first woman to assume a leadership position within the South African judiciary: the second woman to be appointed to the Bench in SA: the first woman to be appointed Deputy Judge President: the first woman to be called to the Cape Bar Council: the first woman to be conferred with Senior Counsel status.

Previously, a prosecutor in the magistrate courts & a State Advocate for the Attorney General.



Anni Dewani murdered in a Cape Town township

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