The Pistorius theatre show – a Comedy or a Farce? [Thursday October 16]


Well, there can be no doubt – the ‘mini-trial’ show was worthy of a miss. The main actors for the Defence proved to be second rate bit performers, who pleaded the case for Pistorius to be let-off the Reeva Steenkamp’s killing and be allowed to resume his previous normal lifestyle, staying at home of course, perhaps resuming a career as an international celebrity disabled runner, and no doubt partying, getting into fights, and hitting on women [BUT to be sorely PUNISHED for the slaughter of Reeva by being banned from his beloved guns – AND into the bargain by doing a few hours community service SOME weeks (perhaps if he can fit it in?)].

The main contention from the Defence though was that SA prisons are not safe places for convicted criminals – well true, they are certainly full of them of course (including killers like Pistorius – but will he ever end up there?). The bottom line of the contention was that Pistorius is someone that should NEVER face prison justice, no matter what he does or who he kills (because he is vulnerable & disabled).. The Court has listened to this crap for hours on end and the learned Judge pretended to take note and care even. This could be called a joke if it wasn’t so serious a matter that puts the SA justice system into ridicule, don’t you suppose?

Many observers think the learned Judge made up her mind a long while ago about what was to happen to Pistorius, and all the rest has been just window dressing hasn’t it?

It is reported that two thirds of South Africans think that Pistorius was actually guilty of murder, but who knows?

Does it really matter WHY he did it? A young woman’s head was blown to smithereens. Does it really matter that he is a DYSFUNCTIONAL arrogant self-centred being? He is killer with dubious character defects as well surely? Does it really matter if HIS life is destroyed? Reeva will never see the light of day or anything that was ahead of her will she? Does it really matter that he is now seemingly DISTRAUGHT at his actions? The girl is stone dead and always will be won’t she? Does it really matter if he rots in PRISON? Those informed or understand, won’t really care will they? Does it really matter that he still won’t accept RESPONSIBILITY for what he has done? Not if he serves a long prison sentence many think, don’t they?

[It has been said there may be no sentence decision immediately – the Judge has other commitments apparently. A lot of adjurnments & multi-tasking seems to go on within the SA justice system, which doesn’t give much confidence to the watching world about justice being served, does it?].


PREVIOuS POST [October 13]
The ways of the South African justice system never seems to fail to surprise, do they? Just when many of us thought that the further month’s delay since September would at least conclude today, with sentencing news, we realise that we can instead expect days of added witnesses being rolled out to explain why Oscar Pistorius ought to avoid jail for his crimes!

Evidence inevitably is given by his ‘paid-for’ experts and friends – not exactly independent uncommitted voices telling it like it really is, then?

Of course the prosecution will challenge the value, if not the veracity of their input, and will field some of their own witnesses no doubt to talk about Pistorius’ firearms abuse and possibly the devastating impact of Reeva Steenkamp’s killing on her family.

We can probably all already guess everything that is going to be said anyway, without bothering with the trial transcripts!  But will the Judge then give a verdict, or will there be another long adjournment to ‘deeply consider’ this latest ‘predictable’ evidence? We wait for that decision, in due course, in what has been an unbelievably long process, hasn’t it?

[Will he actually serve jail time or be dished-up something shockingly inappropriate, is what most people want to know, isn’t it?]

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