Pistorius set for a ‘mini-trial’ – yet another opportunity to escape due punishment? October 13


 The ways of the South African justice system never seems to fail to surprise, do they? Just when many of us thought that the further month’s delay since September would at least conclude today, with sentencing news, we realise that we can instead expect days of added witnesses being rolled out to explain why Oscar Pistorius ought to avoid jail for his crimes!

Evidence inevitably is given by his ‘paid-for’ experts and friends – not exactly independent uncommitted voices telling it like it really is, then?

Of course the prosecution will challenge the value, if not the veracity of their input, and will field some of their own witnesses no doubt to talk about Pistorius’ firearms abuse and possibly the devastating impact of Reeva Steenkamp’s killing on her family.

We can probably all already guess everything that is going to be said anyway, without bothering with the trial transcripts!  But will the Judge then give a verdict, or will there be another long adjournment to ‘deeply consider’ this latest ‘predictable’ evidence? We wait for that decision, in due course, in what has been an unbelievably long process, hasn’t it?


[Will he actually serve jail time or be dished-up something shockingly inappropriate, is what most people want to know, isn’t it?]



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