The British Media & the ISIS Jihadists – exactly WHO are the biggest Scumbags?



I make no apologies for returning to the topic, nearly seven weeks ago, of my August 21, 2014 post Jihadists – the Media have played well into their hands surely”, and adding it here at the bottom below


Are our Media simply the educated stupid, or the incredibly naive, or the obliviously blind, or the unbelievably evil?

You don’t need to have even half a brain to realise why ISIS is murdering men by beheadings, videoing the sickening events, and posting them on the internet, do you? It is to achieve worldwide publicity, maximum media hype, millions of newspaper column inches, and TV & radio airtime (that couldn’t be bought commercially), to promote their cause and spread fear and trepidation amongst their enemies far & wide,.

Are they succeeding? You can bet your bottom dollar they are? The Media are sucked-in like a gambler in front of a Las Vegas fruit machine, like an alcoholic facing a tumbler of whisky, like a burglar enticed by an empty house with a window open. Oh yes, the Media just couldn’t help themselves could they, giving the atrocities of ISIS the news headlines ad infinitum, disclosing the unnecessary horrific details, picturing the masked attacker, sharing the personal intimate facts about each of the victims, telling of the distressing family impacts, ignoring relatives’ wishes for abductions to be kept secret, and of course the sick identification of who are likely to be next victims indeed.

Maximum publicity also flows from the Media about Muslim leaders & others calling for (unavailable) mercy, family members (forlornly) pleading for their relatives’ lives to be spared, and of course (meaningless) international denegation of the jihadists’ despicable action by Cabinet politicians including our PM (who should know better surely?).

The tabloid newspapers unashamedly use both their front pages, headlines, and inside extensions to sell their journals and flagrantly escalate their circulations to the joy of their advertisers – is that market forces at work or perhaps something more evil? And the supposedly ‘quality’ newspapers also seem to feel forced to having it all pushed onto their headlines, despite the ecstasy to be created for ISIS and their fellow travellers – then of course they do have to compete with the same thing happening from the BBC & ITV, don’t they? They are all acting in a disgusting fashion surely?

ISIL couldn’t be happier with the result if they had written the script themselves, could they?

A simply direct question to the Media then? In what way do you think that your unconstrained reporting & graphic images of the ISIS beheading murders of Western hostages have helped influence the fate of those involved – for BEETER or WORSE?

Or another query perhaps? By identifying even now the possible next victim, or even ones thereafter, and giving widespread publicity to their potential fate, will that encourage or discourage ISIS from gaining further notoriety and exposure by taking their lives on another video?

Oh yes, we don’t hear about it yet in the UK, but ISIS has enacted their publicity killing campaign on erstwhile captured individuals and soldiers from other countries as well, to equally spark public outrage there, for example involving Lebanon (recent incidents in August & September), Syria, and Kurdistan.

It is inappropriate to name here the victims, so give the oxygen of publicity to their killers & their kind, but perhaps to only point out that since the first victim on August 19 (and Dadman007’s predictive responding post), that ISIS have again murdered three Americans & Brits on September 2, September 13, and October 3. All predictable deaths as far as us average citizens were aware, because the Media made it quite plain and one hindered percent certain &worthwhile that their deaths would give ISIS precisely the platform they sought, didn’t they?



[The Media are NOT accused here, of course of wielding the knife and decapitations – no just passing the sentence on those murdered and those about to be publically done for]



August 21 Post

Jihadists have made a horrific video of the savage murder of a hostage – an American news reporter [Jihadists are Muslims fighting a violent ‘holy war’ against non-believers].

This was done for one reason and one reason only. It was to utterly shock all & sundry, and get the maximum worldwide publicity for their cause. It was certainly NOTHING to do with the death of one man was it?

It was first posted on the internet and there was little that could be done about that ‘initially’, but after the event such postings can be closed down can’t they?

So what did the World’s media people then do? Did they simply report the evil act, suppressing the maximum amount of graphic detail and so deny these sick people the oxygen of the widespread publicly they sought? NO of course not – to sell their wares, under the guise of genuine news reporting, they gave the killers exactly what they craved didn’t they? Television, radio, newspapers, and everything else, endlessly reported the crime, how it was carried out, in unnecessary nauseating detail – exactly what the perpetrators wanted & intended. Is that responsible journalism? How will that help the next poor sole caught up in such a situation?

It is a well established fact that giving-in to kidnappers, paying ransoms and the like, may save (but not always) a victim, BUT then simply encourages the deed and means it is well worthwhile for criminals to repeat the process.

The same principle applies to fuelling the fire by granting a massive publicity platform to these particular killers.

The media itself must carry responsibility for the man’s death AND that of the next INEVITABLE victim don’t you think?

[So what would have been ‘responsible’ reporting then?


“A kidnapped journalist has been cruelly murdered and the killing video posted on the internet in an attempt to generate worldwide publicity, which this organisation wills not COLLABORATE in”].


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