American space rocket blows up on launch 2014 – and we still believe they went to the Moon in 1969?

1969 2014 A couple of days ago the USA’s unmanned cargo new rocket, heading for the International Space Station blew-up a few seconds after lift-off. This is undoubtedly a technological disaster for the Americans – a slap in the face indeed that puts major question marks over their supposed supremacy in expertise, equipment, capability, and […]

Dewani Trial Review October 29 – any shocks yet?

Anni Hindocha [MURDERED]  Oh yes, the Shrien Dewani trial trundles on at ‘South African justice pace’. Not many surprises to be had, as the road to be travelled is pretty well predictable though isn’t it – seeing that the murder of Anni Hindocha (Dewani) happened four years ago and three men have already been publically […]

Pistorius trial Prosecution’s appeal – but will he ever serve really seriously time?

Reeva Steenkamp killed By giving Pistorius a lenient sentence of only five years, Judge Masipa has probably screwed him up. The Prosecution (like the rest of the world?) had certainly not accepted the verdict of ‘not guilty to murder’. The Prosecution had had a month to dwell on that, before asking for a minimum ten […]

Rochester by-election is heading off – but WHO is running the Country?

The future of UK politics may well be signposted next month by the Rochester & Strood by-election, don’t you think? The Conservatives don’t want to lose this seat to UKIP, and it would certainly be another major setback to their General Election chances. But is the tail wagging the dog here? Is it itself of […]

Britain’s child sexual abuse panel inquiry – heading for an Establishment cover-up?

“ANOTHER embarrassing National scandal – don’t worry we’ll have an Establishment independent inquiry and cover it all up as usual?” It’s a never ending cycle in the United Kingdom isn’t it? Something bad blows up, usually exposed by some whistleblower (who probably gets the sack as a result!), followed by strident calls from far and […]

Oscar Pistorius: DETENTION, TRIAL, VERDICT, & now SENTENCE – Bizarre, Theatre, Arbitary, & now Joke?

  October 21, 2014 Well the waiting is finally over (or so you might think), and after an extensive preamble about evidence & other judgement stuff, Judge Masipa has pronounced sentence on Oscar Pistorius – he got five years imprisonment imposed on him. What he faced: culpable homicide – maximum 15 years jail; discharging a […]

‘Work’ for disabled people – where exactly is that coming from?

Most disabled people are NOT wheelchair bound Oh yes, disabled people have been in the news again. Good news, you might ask? Oh no. that never seems to happen, does it? What this time then? Well a major spat has arisen because Oxbridge educated Baron David Freud the Government Minister for Welfare Reform was recorded […]

Shrien Dewani Trial continues ‘DAY 6’– can it really last two months though?

Anni Hindocha [MURDERED]   Xolile Mngeni, one of the killers of Anni Hindocha (aka Dewani) has died in prison of a brain tumour (he will not be missed). Dewani’s assertion is that he didn’t mention the so called ‘planned helicopter flight’ in a staged media interview, to hide the fact that he was carrying the […]

Rochester & Strood by-election a spectacular success in the making – but for WHO?

In just a month’s time (October 20), the ‘latest’ United Kingdom MP will get elected to the House of Commons. He or she will have the honour of representing the Rochester constituency. Most people will ask “where the heck is that?” and as a rider “why should I care about that MP”? Well, it’s all […]

The politician barrel is said to be full of rotten apples – are there any good ones left?

Politicians are a rum lot aren’t they? They pretend to like us all, whereas they probably despise the bulk of us, tolerate a group of us, have a bit of rapport with a few of us, and certainly can count their true friends on the fingers of one hand. We ought to feel sorry for […]