“Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It’s off to War we go” – but exactly ‘whose’ War?

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TODAY the House of Commons was recalled from Recess (at a massive cost in a time of austerity, and why were they on holiday again anyway? [they had gone back to work for only nine days after finishing their six weeks summer break!]). TODAY the Prime Minister David Cameron had spoken, to call for support for military involvement in Iraq (but he had already widely flagged that decision [& he had in advance seured LibDem & Lavour support to boot!], so why didn’t he have the leadership guts to simply declare it as PM, when we all know that the planning and armed movements was enacted weeks ago?). TODAY the five hundred & sixty-seven MPs present have pontificated endlessly (even if only to show-off their supposed interest & get noticed). TODAY our Parliament decided to wage WAR in Iraq against ISIS (but illogically not in Syria where their actual nest is [resources plus Command & Control], and with absolutely no idea what might be involved or even whether we are embarking on a multi-year task or not).

Those who made the decision TODAY (whatever anxiety they might carry for their ballot choice) will of course go home to their safe beds, or some even to their families, while our forces others will be heading pretty well immediately for the dangers of combat.

This is the third time in a quarter decade that Britain has voted for military action in Iraq. We are of course not ‘actually’ going to war there though are we? No, we are not entering hostilities with another country, which is actually what war means. No. we will be attacking a ‘non-country’ armed set of insurgence forces operating in a foreign unrelated country – you see ISIS, despite their preferred handle of Islamic State (IS), is in no way an actual State (well not yet anyway – and that is what we are all trying to prevent aren’t we?).

Just to clear up some possible confusion people might have on what name these jihadist criminal terrorists should be known under. You see there are various name to choose from, and American, UK, and other countries, as well as TV, Radio, or news agencies, have their own preferences or favourites, if you have noticed?

The different names then? ISIS -Islamic State of Iraq and Syria; ISIL – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (and Arabic translations); IS – Islamic State (their current self description); Daesh – a name the militants themselves, reportedly hate; Un-islamic state; QSIS – al-Qaeda Separatists in Iraq & Syria; Islamic State Organisation. Whatever your choice or preference, they remain soley a brutal terrorist organisation & murderous band of criminals, don’t they?

Who is funding ISIS and why? Wealthy Gulf States, places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, & Kuwait perhaps. Putting a stop to that would be a good start, don’t you think? Turn off the tap of funds flowing to ISIS and they will wither and die without all our military intervention?

Is it OUR war? Certainly NOT, surely? So, whose war should it be? The counties in the region perhaps, the thirty odd Arab & other Muslin counties certainly – shouldn’t we be leaving it to them then? Is it OUR responsibility to help police the World, or should the crap useless United Nations be carrying the can?


[So we are going to drop more bombs in Iraq – will that make things better or make things worse? Will it make us more or less safe in this Country? We have a track record of past ineffective & unpredictable interventions].



One thought on ““Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It’s off to War we go” – but exactly ‘whose’ War?

  1. I enjoy reading this post because it points out all the different names being given to the organization held responsible for the ongoing destruction in Iraq(see what I did there?). These names, or labels given to the group suggest everyone’s personal agenda who is doing the naming. It’s really showing who we are rather than what that group over there is. Do we favor calling them this or that for some particular reason? Great post!


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