Now we know all we need to about South African Justice – it STINKS?





The bizarre, celebrity, theatre-style, trial of one Oscar Pistorius, gave the World a fascinating window like look into the workings of the South African justice system – it has provided though a disturbing view of uneven-handedness, has provided disturbing insights, and has left many with a bad taste in the mouth.

In un-provable, but dubious circumstances, a young woman’s head was blown to smithereens like a watermelon, by a irresponsible, unlawful, gun toting-firearm-obsessed, character & aptitude flawed (as Defence admitted), moron, using illegal ‘zombie stopper’ exploding ammunition, who blatantly ‘lied’ on oath in High Court to escape punishment, was guilty of unlawfully shooting, and furthermore gave ‘evasive’ accounts in evidence (as determined by the trial Judge), BUT was then completely ‘exonerated’ by the same Judge of the crime of Murder?

Since he committed the killing, Pistorius, a rich white world famous disabled sporting icon, was given bail by the SA courts for more than eighteen months, and allowed to carry on an unfettered life as a quasi-playboy, before and during his trial, partying, getting into scrapes, and promoting himself on social media (even his own website). Nevertheless though, while (only) adjudged guilty of a ‘woman-slaughter’ charge, he still didn’t then see the inside of a jail cell of course, but was given even more bail, and time to pay his top lawyers even more large sums, to find a way-out, a way to avoid any massive punishment for his crimes. [contrast that treatment, with the norm in SA, where poor black ‘nobodies’ get banged-up for years on end in overcrowded prisons, no questions asked.

Only smart arsed lawyers accept the verdict, while many laymen others believe that a proper Jury would have been able to take some significant ‘ignored’ matters into their deliberations to come to a different conclusion. The final punishment & sentence by the Court Judge then? Conscious-free, accept no responsibility, ‘accident’ perpetrator, Oscar Pistorius, will get WHAT, we wonder? All will be known in three weeks time on Monday October 13, 2014, and whatever it is, it won’t meet the expectations of the watching world, nor redeem the general view of a sick justice system, will it?

You can be certain of something though – Pistorius will NOT accept his guilt nor punishment, so will APPEAL and probably win again we suspect.

Judge Masipa is not the one at fault here you can be sure – she will have applied the SA law, and it is the latter which has failed justice, isnt it?


[NOTHING can bring back Reeva Steenkamp. She lies dead, six feet deep in her cold grave, with her spirit in the company of her maker – but forever without real justice on Earth we fear?].

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