‘Scottish Independence’ – the Sands of Time have run out haven’t they?




YOU will vote NO if you think an Independent Scotland:

  • makes you frightened or fearful, and you are constrained by benefits or loses, and Scotland  is irresponsibly turning its back on England and Union
  • is economically vulnerable and unable to fully pay its way, so can expect economic ruin
  • can’t make it on its own in the world and needs to rely on England, its power & reputation in the global community
  • may trust the UK to give them effective home rule no matter what
  • can trust Labour to be powerful enough be able to thwart/ contain the Scots’ rejected Conservative dogmas (like NHS reform/privitisation extension)



YOU will vote YES if you think an Independent Scotland:

  • has a passionate national self believe and its people are prepared to suffer some temporary hardships to succeed and control their own destiny
  • believes somewhat in the positive financial analysis of the YES campaign and disbelieve more the negative information of the NO group
  • should trust the long term competence of Scottish politicians and businesses to retake missed opportunities, so regain world respect as an individual country
  • should be the sole ones who make the political choices for the people, through a government they choose, and be not sidelined by whatever Westminster administration is in power
  • has decided that Labour has missed the boat and lost the confidence of the Scots people


[It seems unrealistic though, whatever the outcome of the vote, that Scotland will ever once again have a successful, winning, or agreeable football team who can beat England, surely?]

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