If Scotland votes to go ‘INDEPENDENT’, some people are culpable surely –what names are in the frame?


Cameron, Clegg, Miliband - three in the frame?

Cameron, Clegg, Miliband – three in the frame?

Darling - out of kilter NO man?

Darling – out of kilter NO man?

Brown - yesterday's man?

Brown – yesterday’s man?

Blair - architect?

Blair – architect?


Salmond - win-win?

Salmond – win-win?

There can be no doubt now that the question of Scottish Independence has been handled abysmally by both those in charge of the UK’s Union destiny and by some others who will carry onerous responsibility for the outcome.

The opinion polls have shown that the YESs and NOs are sharing the same ground for success – oh yes; one side will win at the tape, but which one? Does it matter? You bet it does. But what about the total situation then that we find ourselves in – is it really a disaster? YES. We have managed, in a short few years, to create a divided Scottish nation – whether they stay in the Union or not. Not only that, but one that is a fifty-fifty split, a family at war no less, which will last for decades to come (if only ever that?).

There is no point in beating about the bush is there? Our Prime Minister David Cameron has to take centre stage surely? He started, as previously identified in a post here, with calling it wrong by refusing to allow the right independent question (as he calculated that his chosen question would screw-up the SNP – WRONG!). Then he miscalculated the betting odds as well didn’t he? The NOs were so far ahead that the YESs could never make it – WRONG! Finally, he has proven to be one of the laziest PMs ever, and wouldn’t, or couldn’t, get himself deeply involved and take it on, did he? Does he give a damn? Many think not. He’s been Tory Leader, PM, done that, got the T-shirt, is happy to go down in history (even as the one who lost us the Union & has overseen the biggest catastrophe for Britain in three hundred years), so he thinks he can join Labour’s ex-PM Tony Blair on the world fortune money making lecture circuit.

Probably, many will not blame Deputy PM Nick Clegg too much for this independence fiasco. He is ‘in power’, but with no credibility and ‘no power’. Anything he utters will not only have been ignored anyway, but will have had a devastatingly opposite & bad effect from his intentions, certainly?

So what about Labour’s Opposition Leader Ed Miliband then? What liability falls to him? Quite a lot surely? Labour was the dominant political force in Scotland (forty one PMs at Westminster no less!), but he is so out of touch that his voting troops up there have deserted him to the YES camp in droves for the critical voting, without him really noticing that they have gone!

The Better Together mob selected non mr personality and botched Labour ex Chancellor to lead their emotional-less, scandalous, scaremongering and threatening, assault on the Scots and their ambitions for self determination – a singular disaster surely? He has been xenomorphically changed from a committed socialist to a platform apologist for the Scots’ hated Conservatives and their current policies (promoted there despite objection by the bulk of the people north of the border). He has been joined of course, a few days before the end game, by one Labour’s ex- PM Gordon Brown, who suddenly ended four years of hibernation in his Scottish cave, and emerged awake at last, to tell (in his humourless & dour manner) his countrymen what to think and do, as someone who had failed as UK Premier, neglected Scotland, and had flunked the re-election of his own Government.

Turning then to the hidden architect of it all, a certain Labour ex-PM Tony Blair, who kicked it all off, with the catastrophic mis-judgement of giving Scotland a ‘pseudo-parliament’ at Holyrood Edinburgh on the basis that it would forever placate the SNP, and that they would screw-up anyway – WRONG! Does he himself give a hoot? Not many think so do they? He has equally secured his historical legacy (including his notoriety through the Iraq War), gained an absolute tory busting amount of wealth, and ensued unquestionable success for his offspring, don’t you think?

Any basic analysis of the Independence saga, has of course to include a mention of SNP Leader & Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, doesn’t it? Played it brilliantly like a maestro surely? He is on a Win-Win strategy now isn’t he? Cannot lose whatever happens? He will either go down as a gallant fighter for Scotland, like Bonnie Prince Charlie (but nevertheless HE will still have won the battle for effective ‘home-rule’), or he will win the Referendum outright, and will become the undeclared twenty first century king of Scotland!


[PM Cameron might still need to be worried though? The monarch might just perceive any incompetent loss of Scotland as ‘high treason’ – still subject to a cell in the Tower of London you see (then the peasants would be flocking, after a two hundred and thirty years gap to Tyburn for a public execution, in their millions, perhaps?].

Ah, note that William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw), the last person convicted of high treason, was hanged in 1945.

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