UK Anti-Semitism, UK Anit-Islamism – who’s fault is that?


In the UK Parliament House of Commons both the Prime Minister David Cameron on his report on the Brussels European Council conference on combating extremism, and then the Leader of the Labour Opposition Ed Miliband, condemned anti-Semitism in Britain.

This emanated from a statement about Gaza and Israel’s horrific killing of well more than two thousand souls, at least three quarters simply ‘murdered’ innocent civilians including over ten percent of them women, nearly five hundred children & babies, plus a dozen thousand injured; half a million Palestinians displaced; Israeli bombing causing about £5 billion infrastructure damage (twenty thousand homes blitzed), including the destruction of the only power station, and factories and businesses, so at least fifty percent of people have no work; Israel followed up now with a further land grab of half a thousand hectares of West Bank land; and all where NO action is being taken by us (let alone an arms embargo). Why is that?

[Last month, UK Foreign Office Minister Sayeeda Warsi resigned from government, saying the government’s policy on Gaza is “morally indefensible.”]

There wasn’t any mention however about the other side of the coin which is anti-Islamism. Probably that was because the focus was on extreme Muslim jihadists, where PLENTY of action is being taken by us (so our politicians prefer to ignore any anti behaviour don’t they?). You can though be certain of one thing, that whatever anti-Jewish things are going on here there will be equivalent things on anti-Muslim things (we just don’t hear about it)!

The reason that the general public are against the Jews here is simple isn’t it? It is because of the disgusting cruel illegal behaviour of the Israelis in the extermination of the two thousand civilians & children in Gaza. The British can’t stomach it can they? One of the top leaders of British Jews was on the TV a few weeks ago. Did he condemn his religious cohorts for ‘disproportionate and indiscriminate’ military action (as described by the United Nations)? NO. Did he disassociate British Jewry from Israeli actions? NO. He announced though how ‘proud’ the British Jewish people were of the Israelis, no less. Is it any wonder then that true British culture is aghast and tar all Jews with the same brush? [In fact there are a lot of British Jews who are also disgusted by Israel’s actions over many decades – but perhaps not enough?].

It is equally easy to see why British people are turning against Islam isn’t it? We have had decades when evil fanatical Muslims (and so called clerics no less) have embedded themselves in our Country and like bad apples have contaminated their communities, of what was a highly respected religion here. They and their followers have committed terrorist offences & atrocities, killing some eighty & maiming hundreds of their fellow citizens, in a Country that has taken them in, and is a haven for all minorities, cultures, and religions. Then we find out that up to a thousand young British citizens have been brainwashed in our own country and have gone off to fight for another State (ISIS) in a religious Holy War and commit heinous crimes into the bargain. Is it any wonder then that our society fears for its safety when such battle hardened callous religious fanatics return to these shores? Did the Muslim leaders disown the hate renegades years ago? NO. Did the Muslim communities kick out the so called ‘radicalised’ clerics from their Mosques and stop their fellow travellers from speaking there? NO. The latest affront to Britishness is the Muslim announcement of an Imams’ Fatwa against British Jihadists. The intention may be well intended (to dissuade Muslins from supporting ISIS and denouncing extremism), but is well misplaced. In the UK we have the Rule of Law, we have security & police forces, we have courts, and we have jails & other punishments for ‘convicted’ wrong doers. What we DON’T HAVE and DON’T WANT are religious kangaroo courts, self appointed Judge & Juries, sentences before trial (except in the Alice in Wonderland book) and medieval punishments. We know only too well about fatwa’s involving violence especially to non-Muslims, & lapsed Muslims, as demonstrated by one twenty five years ago pursuing death against renowned British novelist Salman Rushdie (still running); his translators, one stabbed to death, one beaten & stabbed, a hotel torched and 37 murdered, and a publisher shot. If Muslims think that it ingratiates themselves to non-Muslim citizens to issue fatwa’s here (the first of them in the UK), they have another think coming surely? It just increases the fear factor that we have a major group in our midst who don’t want to adhere to our culture and law, doesn’t it?

Anti-Semitic incidents, involving language, social media, graffiti & the like, abusive & threatening correspondence, property damage is at an unprecedented high – over three hundred in a month (over half in London & a quarter in Manchester). This is of course down to the Gaza situation and a lot unfortunately may be coming from Islamic communities.

Last month, elderly British MP George Galloway, was savagely beaten-up in Notting Hill, London, because of his intolerant views on Israel’s conflict in Gaza – so there is deplorable violence also from Jewish supporters as well, isn’t there?

Most reports of Islamophobia are of street attacks (including assaults and extreme violence, as well as mosques damage), but that is the tip of the iceberg, as much more systematic targeting of routine abuse is happening with online trolling, verbal abuse, and of course in social media. Young men are at the root of such abuse and far right organisations are a catalyst. There was a distressing incident with the knife murder of a young Muslim woman in Colchester, feared to be possibly about her religion. There can be no doubt that Muslims feel victimised & threatened at this time, and a worrying aspect is that probably only two out of five get reported. The murder of a soldier in London last year has resulted in a sharp increase in hate crime and women are particularly at risk, being identifiable because of their Islamic dress and of course men with Muslim type beards as well.

[Just under five percent of Britain’s sixty three million population are Muslim]

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia is against ALL religious traditions and is simply just a wicked & equally unacceptable form of racism, which does NOT belong in this Country in any shape or form whatsoever; and ALL those involved should be ashamed of themselves and recognise that this is NOT what being British is all about is it? Individuals are entitled to criticise & denounce what they see as the unacceptable behaviour of other communities, but that does not include abusing them or targeting other civilians, does it?.


[The byword for being British is TOLERANCE – so let’s not forget it, eh?]

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