We have GOT British ‘Jihadists’ – how are we going to deal with that?

2005 attack in London

2005 attack in London

The "black flag of jihad" as used by various Islamist organisations (since the late 1990s) consists of a white-on-black shahada

The “black flag of jihad” as used by various Islamist organisations (since the late 1990s) consists of a white-on-black shahada


An increasing state of panic is arising in Britain about the realisation that up to a thousand of our young citizens have gone abroad to fight as jihadists (Muslims fighting a holy war against non-believers). This is a shocking state of affairs – but NOT just that it is happening BUT that our authorities either ‘didn’t know’ it was happening before or didn’t ‘do anything’ about it earlier enough, surely?

Nobody here actually gives a shit if people want to go off to foreign lands and get involved in violent armed fighting as long as they get killed there and don’t come back (but apparently hundreds already have!). The reason is that these brainwashed sub-persons are believed to be mentally incapable of behaving like normal individuals in our society – because they have been ‘radicalised’ (whatever that means?), then trained to become killers, and are now insensitived to human suffering & death. It is feared in the UK, understandably, that those that return will still have an agenda of jihad on their mind, as our society predominately exists of non-believers (and in most cases of religion non-carers no less).

When identified, the families, communities, and religious groups these jihadists have emerge from, reportedly express shock, horror & disbelief that it has even happened. That is not a surprise of course as failure to do that would risk intimidation & reprisals. But is that response credible? Is it reasonable that those others directly or indirectly involved knew nothing about what was going on? Saw nought of the fervour of someone preparing for war, making travel plans, their dubious religious contacts, obtaining money, or even packing? Or notice or wonder where they had gone?

British society has been a haven for all kind of foreigners, races, religions, and minorities within a so called multi-racial society. The foundation principle of Britishness is summed up in the word ‘tolerance’. How come then that we now get infected with families and groups that grow their children into murderous jihadists that want to destroy the people and the land that gave them their freedom? How come that the leaders of the Islamic religion and their Council and other leaders of the Muslim groups have allowed their previously respected religious beliefs to be high jacked by extremists determined to promulgate a message of hate and a call to destroy all other groups?

Many Muslims are identifiable by their physical appearance and their dress and that is a worry, because they become easy targets for the anti-brigade, when all they are, are simply ordinary families – they live next door, they work, they provide services, they are proffesionals like Doctors, they serve in shops, they work in factories, they don’t cause mayhem, and they peacefully follow their chosen religion. But nowadays because of the vile antics of the extremists, they are viewed with suspiction or are indeed often abused & reviled.

What Britain needs urgently is a Churchillian leader who clearly sees the jihadist problem and has the guts to deal with it. Have we got such a man or woman? Well we have got idiots like the current Mayor of London Boris Johnson who thinks it will enhance his chances of being an MP & PM by suggesting that all British jihadists should legally be deemed ‘terrorists’ (locked-up not only without the due process of trial but without any scrap of evidence against them no less – a step that would finally set our society back to medieval times surely?). Then we have a respected Home Secretary Theresa May who has no idea on where she is going on this one, except that she knows we have screwed-up (and she is forced to announce that our security organisations are predicting turmoil ahead). Then of course you have Nick Clegg leading his LibDems to thwart any restriction of personal freadom (accused terrorists included) and damn the consequences. Or Ed Milliband who supports military intervention in Iraq against ISOS/IS ‘on humantarian grounds’ to save lives, but conversely led his Labour  MP troops to block such intervention in Syria (the thousands of innocent civilians killed there were expendable apparently?).

This is not an easy situation we find our Country in – increasingly threatened with violent attack & utter destruction from within (it is easier to repulse an armed assault from outside, and we are geared up for that). The Americans will be looking at us with aghast and there will be consequences you can be sure of that – to have a ‘special relationship’ with the UK only to find out that it has become a haven of home grown extremists will not be ignored will it? The USA itself doesn’t have the tools to deal with potential terrorists – that is why there is the scandal of Gautama Bay (a disgrace admitted to by their President but still there though).

We Brits did have a bit of a tool – not perfect at all and subjected to legal challenge, but at least something that could be a tad effective. It was called a Prevention of Terrorism ‘Control Order’ and this was applied to suspected terrorists to try to thwart their potentially destructive activities [a similar facility exists in Australia]. Unbelievable, this was REMOVED three years ago by the current Conservative led Coalition Government – too oppressive you see for the do-gooders & freedom for all’ers (so can you expect the next public beheading in a city street or a murderous bomb attack as a PRICE WELL WORTH PAYING?).

[2005 London bombings with 53 killed & 700 injured by 4 Islamic terrorists. 2007 Birmingham group plot to behead a British solder foiled. 2013 Woolwich London street murder of British soldier Lee Rigby by 2 terrorists]

Not all the jihadists who survive their war and then return to the UK will be resident terrorists, but many will be – say ten percent? So we will have say up to a hundred fanatical religious morons prepared to kill & die for their cause, because they mentally believe that their god will induct them into paradise (and that is a mindset impossible to foil isn’t it?).

Suspect terrorists are ‘monitored by our security forces of course, but that is by no means an easy or straightforward task, particularly without effective controls being available. The authorities may succeed in most cases but we don’t realy know, as much is secret and we only hear about cases where charges are brought. What we do know though is about the failures, when our innocent citizens’ lives are sacrificed as a direct consequence of our inadequate laws and ineptitude in facing up to the terrorist threat. Our defences & resources against such attacks have been stretched to the limit when there were only dozens of the evils to watch, but now there will be hundreds & hundreds – what chance do you think we have? When the next atrocity occurs on British soil (and you can be sure that it will), the dead, the injured, the traumatised, the bereaved, and the rest of us need look no further for those complicit in blame as they are our own weak self serving Parliamentarians



[Everyone in UK is nervous of speaking out or taking action against wrongdoers of different cultures, races, religions, minorities, & everything else, because of ‘political correctness’ – you will be accused of being homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, anti-American, un-European, nationalistic amongst other things – sad really?]

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