Criminals & Extremists living in Britain – why are WE paying for them OR their families?

Bank of England  One Million Pound Notes


and many many more

The British public are sick to the back teeth to hear that non-nationals, undesirables, convicted criminals, false refugees, suspected terrorists, the strongly anti-British, the violent anti-Christians, the anti-UK legal system, the illegal immigrants, and all the like, are allowed to become full time residents no less in the UK, as well as bring their extraordinary large extended families here, ALL to live their lives on US; contribute nothing, but to be given liberal accommodation, free money, gratis legal aid representation, generous housing benefit, unlimited child allowances (even if the kids live abroad!), unpaid for education, generous pensions, unlimited no cost health care including operations, involving organs, caesareans, abortions, or even cosmetic surgery, and surely anything else of value you can imagine?

These illegals then beget children who themselves become British citizens through birth, but they aren’t brought up with British values are they? Oh no, they are brainwashed in a different direction, and then they constitute a threat to our society that we cannot rid ourselves of. It ought to be possible to strip some unworthy people of nationality surely? [British? If you are born in a stable does that make you a horse?].

What we do sounds like some kind of collective madness doesn’t it? However, if you ARE British you are not allowed to question it at all are you? They will claim you must be racist, anti-immigration, rehabilitation deniers, uncaring, or even against human rights, just if you say SOMETHING is wrong here?

Who do you blame for a ridiculous situation that has grown up like Topsy?

Well, you can start with ALL our Governments – incompetent administrations all round, both Conservative & Labour alike. They have failed time & time again to put a stop to all the nonsense, often because they have been naive, head in the sand, stupid and weak self serving politicians.

Oh yes, there are others with names in the frame as well – not least our out of touch High Court Judges who have been determined to interpret the law in bizarre ways to frustrate the will of the people (as well as endanger our country).

Then of course we have got the ridiculous Human Rights laws imported from the EU (and still supported by the left-wingers and do-gooders), which basically says that the despisables of the world, squatting here, have ‘greater’ human rights than the rest of us have – strange that eh?

Well know examples include terrorist & criminal Abu Hamza an Egyptian, who arrived here first as a student, a so called ‘radical’ Muslim cleric, but was finally extradited a couple of years ago to the USA on eleven terrorism charges after an eight year legal battle. There (but never here in the UK – why not?) he was deprived of his trademark threatening hand-hook – replaced by normal prosthetic hand fitments. He had been allowed for years to preach hate and jihadism to others as imam at London’s Finsbury Park Mosque (not removed by the attendees though was he – why not?). He, his current wife and eight children lived on the State and reportedly have cost YOU about three million pounds. He is now a convicted felon awaiting sentence in America, but his extensive family members, including convicted criminals, will continue to drain our resources, won’t they? [A taxpayer funded one and a quarter million pound house and yearly many tens of thousands of pounds in benefits for a start].

A record number of foreign criminals and many others dodge deportation to their home countries every single year (many many hundreds of them) on appeal. Criminals for example convicted of murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm, violent assault, rape (including gang rape of a child), indecent assault, sexual child abuse, burglary, robbery, mugging, looting, drug smuggling, drug dealing, drug using, and the like. Our wonderful MPs failed the opportunity this year to block these criminals playing the ‘trump’ card which apparently beats all others – the right to a family life. It strangely ONLY appears to work in the deportation arena though, and not in the rest of the criminal law – how do the judges explain that eh? [Lets understand how it might work; a foreigner can rape a woman who as a result has a baby; if he is caught he will probably go to prison; he will subsequently appeal of course against deportation but will be allowed to stay here FOREVER because he has a child born here and he is entitled to see it – MADNESS?].

Illegal immigrants are here in massive numbers – the Home Office suggests half a million, but it could well be certainly nearly double that. They get here in numerous and devious ways and they regularly then get away with working surreptitiously, and furthermore using up our valuable public services undetected. Even when informed-on only a few percent ever get booted out. Example, one smuggled himself in illegally on stolen & counterfeited passports but years later got caught, jailed, but will stay here evermore because he fathered children while squatting illegitimately. Illegal immigrants found in work places get arrested, don’t get banged-up though, but because they have thrown their documents away they are released on so called bail – surprise surprise they then abscond! There is costly chaotic mismanagement of our immigration policies and YOU are the ones paying for it – are you pleased?

Then, we have probably thirty thousand Asylum seekers (those ‘claiming’ to be refugees) here, and a total of a hundred and fifty thousand refugees including those already ‘accepted’ (predominately from Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Syria, Eritrea, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Nigeria); the majority who should never had got to our shores in the first place because the rules are that they should have applied in a preceding country – but we still let them in, and since the asylum seekers are NOT allowed to work, they cost YOU up to a million pounds a year to support them here (housing & cash & legal representation and all else) and even if their claim is bogus they still seem to be here for years if not forever.

And it is all compounded by our UK’s scandalous Welfare State system isn’t it. A marvellous concept for a State ‘safety-net’ for those in our population who have encountered misfortune (it was a bit like our current local Food Bank organisations, which are increasingly helping people for a very short period during a traumatic life episode). At the outset those involved in creating the welfare state feared abuse and put in safeguards; which those in power over the past sixty five years have not only abandoned, but replaced with incentives for the unscrupulous to drive a coach & horses through. Not only do we now have whole families & generations that have never worked in their lives (and never intend to), but we also get whole communities surviving in the same vein. These sad humans live of course in relative poverty (and they know no better) and many of them then supplement their lifestyle through crime (understandable perhaps?). The culture of dependency is endemic; the tradition of abuse is widespread. It cannot be sorted overnight of course, but we need to start with a simple change – social security should NOT be a ‘legal right’, it should become a ‘discretionary service’. When the undeserving, the workshy, and those that milk the system, are identified or uncovered, they can then have benefits withdrawn – safeguards can easily be put in place (and that would exclude judges!).


[Will anything actually change in any of these matters – NO chance is there, eh?]

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