Should Men beware – are you on the way out?


The way most life species work is that there are two components to life itself and also in the creation of new life. Basically it is with male & female types involved, and each playing a different but significant separate role.

It is true that in some forms of life that doesn’t apply – so we have un-complex creatures like hydra which are often ‘asexual’ so they don’t need different types, or even different partners, to reproduce – they do it all on their own!.

In mankind, like other mammals, it has been notable that unit survival and progression of the species has been founded on having a partnership between individual males & females. Ah, but in the modern age, in the twenty first century, all of that is changing isn’t it? Men are increasingly becoming redundant aren’t they?

In the old days women were seen as frivolous, home makers, and baby machines, and men were serious, defenders and providers. The women were supposedly weak, subservient and uneducated, while the men were strong, dominant and clever. Not these days though eh?

Statistically men have bigger brains than women – over ten percent larger (perhaps female brains are simply more efficient? [computers get quicker but smaller ever year don’t they?]). It is claimed that women are multitask’ers and men aren’t any good at it  – difficult to prove either way but research by BMC Psychology supports that!

In Britain women were historically always second class citizens (if that!) and only got the vote about eighty five years ago through feminine shocking militancy (and a few deaths and jailings into the bargain). They have equally been always denied an equivalent role to men in the workplace and that still applies today (because males are in the dominant ‘king of the castle’ roles aren’t they?).  But life in the Western World is changing rapidly in all these aspects. Why is that you wonder?

Well women are becoming the more dominant force in the species nowadays surely? What has happened to cause this then?

For a start Education that’s what. Education empowers people, and that is why the elite in the UK still grab all the best facilities, and why extremist Muslims want to stop girls getting educated (or even leaving home without supervision).

Then there has been female Contraception (& Abortion) of course, so women no longer have to spend their lives pregnant & looking after children.

This has been followed by Independence as well, so women can work for a living now (or get State benefits) and survive without the financial support of a husband. That coupled with Divorce which has allowed women to go their own way when a relationship flounders.

There can be little doubt surely that World War 2 played a big part in British women (and those in other countries as well) gaining undeniable credibility & confidence? Before that women were deemed ‘incapable’ of doing men’s work you see. But when all the men went off to war, the women seamlessly moved into their jobs – labouring, controlling anti-aircraft gunnery, skilled work, ship building, factory production, aircraft maintenance, manufacturing explosives & weapons, driving lorries, flying planes, farming, professional work, militias, and dozens of other jobs, in addition to serving in the armed forces of course.

When the men came back, they demanded (and got) their ‘male’ employment back, BUT the genie was out of the bottle wasn’t it? Women had proved their right to parity with men and there was no way they were going to be denied that in the long term was there? Their campaign to expand their role and take their fair share in a skilled society has been running for six decades now – and the pendulum is perhaps swinging the other way these days? The gender pay gap still exists certainly, but the feminists aren’t going to let that lay are they?

So what about the follow-on then? Will we see the further ascendancy of women? Look at the evidence then. Girls consistently outperform boys academically – is that because they are more focused & more committed? For many many years young women have grabbed the bulk of places at British medical schools (is that because they are brighter & more caring). Women are getting qualified and beating men to the jobs. Women are outpacing men in higher education, getting more degrees & the higher qualifications. Oh dear, men need to worry?

Despite the presence of a so called ‘glass ceiling’ (an invisible barrier preventing progression) in the senior level workplace, women are smashing it open and busting to the top of all corporate business. In all major professions females are making their mark. This is all happening what’s more despite women still relishing their roles as mothers & wives.

What else is happening to force the demise of the male of the human species? Well, we have had for thirty five years  IVF (in vitro fertilisation) where a human egg is fertilised outside of the woman’s body (a so called ‘test-tube’ baby) before being transferred, after some days, into the uterus to grow into a healthy baby; male sperm is of course currently used for the process. There is as well controversial research going on (though banned in some countries) into ‘cloning’; this technique would involve the creation of life by making an identical copy of an existing human being – no need for normal & natural conception (or male participation there then is there? [Twenty years ago a sheep (named Dolly) was cloned in the UK – so don’t get the idea that doing it in humans is a pipedream will you?]. But already the clever clog scientists can swap the building blocks of life (chromosomes, genes, dna, nucleases and the like) to create ‘different’ human cells; so they wont in the future simply have to rely on cloning – they can replicate normal reproduction variety by mixing bits from many different individuals to create ‘designer babies’ and untold variety impossible with current reproduction. Scary or not?

Fathers are nowadays increasingly taking the role of ’house husband’, because their woman has become the main ‘bread winner’. No shame in that of course, but nevertheless significant surely?

Take the revered and admired powerful lion as an example of a species where the male is a symbol of masculinity, but is now pretty useless. The male is used solely to sire the cubs, and then the lioness takes over doesn’t she? She is the one that looks after the cubs, feeds them, protects them, teaches them how to hunt and brings down the prey for the family unit; while the male lion simply lies around and roars into the night air to announce to the jungle that he is still around!

[Luckily for the male lion they don’t have the benefit of reproductive science & genetic engineering in the jungle, eh?]

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