Boris Johnson – Heir to the Throne?


You can be reliable assured that London’s current Mayor Boris Johnson has no ambition (as far as we know) to be the next King. No, the throne he is after is that of leader of the Conservative party and then a coronation in Westminster as British Prime Minister, no less.

Ah but you say, how can that happen when he is neither a member of the House of Commons nor a Lord? David Cameron certainly won’t elevate him to the Lords and Ed Miliband can’t really do so (though he might be sorely tempted!). Johnson surely can’t even become an MP yet can he, as he gave solid cast-iron public assurances that he would serve a full term as full time Mayor until 2016? Therein lies the conundrum doesn’t it? He is a politician, and politicians suffer from a severe condition called ‘selective memory’, compounded with another disability of being ‘economical with the truth’, with the added complication of ‘hypocrisy’ thrown in, making a cure impossible?

Last week Boris (he likes to be known as that – it gives him uniqueness doesn’t it?), without a hint of embarrassment, not a stammer of hesitation, not a glimpse of a shifty look, not even a flush of slightly red cheeks, announced to the nation that he WAS seeking a seat at next year’s General Election. He won’t be ‘fighting’ a seat of course; he will be walking into a ‘safe’ Tory seat that will ensure his triumphant return to Parliament next June. He made this ‘unsurprising’ declaration, tellingly when the Prime Minister was on yet another holiday (Portugal this time), as well as provocatively taxing the PM to be firmer on making EU change demands.

Why is he doing all that now? Why the rush back to the lowly job as a constituency MP when he hasn’t finished his significant high profile job as London Mayor? It is because he is a clever devious scheming lad of course; he calculates that lazyitus David Cameron is going to lose the election so will face the combined wrath of the vindictive Conservatives and will be thrown out as Leader. Johnson is a front runner to follow on you see, but one has to be a sitting MP to stand these days. He will therefore be stationed, ready in the wings, awaiting the call to take the stage, and he is certainly not going to be sidelined by the likes of upstart George Osborne & beleaguered Theresa May is he?

But Boris Johnson is a bit of a blustering buffoon isn’t he? Isn’t he just a cuddlely blond mop haired clown, following in the footsteps of top TV comic Benny Hill? Making jokes, chasing after women, and doing silly skits? Don’t be fooled though. Mr Johnson is actually very much an intellectual powerhouse, very experienced, very good with words (an ex-journalist), and comfortable in the wild jungle of politics (probably because he doesn’t give a dam?).

He has a very poor reputation in his political roles, as a shadow minister certainly, and now including London Mayor [but his undoubted charisma got him both elected (under strict constraints from his spin doctor it is said) & re-elected for a second term nevertheless]. Ask anyone who thought up the London bike hire  scheme and they will answer Boris – but actually it was Labour’s Len Livingstone’s brainchild wasn’t it? Who got the gold dust publicity from the London 2012 Olympics? Johnson of course though he actually contributed absolutely  NOTHING to its success – but that is life for you! Like Cameron he has shown poor judgement in selecting his cohorts, so that doesn’t auger well does it?

Does he have a serious side though? Not that anyone has noticed so far. Can he run a party? Well, he has proven to be as they say, ‘his own man’, in the past, so not exactly a team player then? What about hacking it when facing the trials and tribulations of major National problems, or insolvable World issues? Be afraid – many in the know think NOT. Is he credible and reliable? Well, his upbringing and education seem to have left him devoid of any loyalty in personal relationships, so his wives definitely faced a problem apparently. He got sacked as a Shadow Minister for reportedly lying to his then Tory Leader. There have been many other controversies as well involving him, including his culpability in reporting false accusations of Liverpool fans drunken responsibility for the Hillsborough ground football disaster’

Boris said:

2012 – “it could be taken for granted that he would not be after a Commons seat in 2015”

Last month – asked if he had plans to return to the Commons, replied “as said ‘about a billion times’, being the Mayor of London was “the best job in British politics and it’s what I want to do

Recently “I think David Cameron has been a brilliant Prime Minster.”

His campaign wagon is certainly rolling, you can be sure of that


[How do you know if a politician is lying? Their lips move]

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