Israel v Gaza – its all about maths stupid?

Murdered 10 year old today

Murdered 10 year old today

Six_Day_War_Territories_svgGaza is a ‘tiny’ overcrowded strip of land of  under a hundred and fifty square miles, so only four to eight miles wide and twenty five miles long, but home to about two million Palestinians. Occupied by military force by Israel for more than twenty five years, but now for twenty years ‘self governing’ but nevertheless still under severe restrictions & control by the Israeli Authorities


As an Israeli you don’t have to be particularly bright do you? You don’t even have to speak English do you? But you do have to be good at Maths perhaps? Then you can support your Government possibly?

Say, if there is a Gaza building housing a hundred souls, twenty five babies & children, and seventy four other innocent Palistinian civilians, men & women, BUT one suspected enemy combatant, what do you do? The maths is obvious surely? You fire your sophisticated American supplied missile, or target a devastating efficient airstrike to obliterate the whole building, and all therein don’t you? Simply maths you see – one gone



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