Oscar Pistorius – facing a murder trial end? August 6


Reeva Steenkamp killed by Oscar Pistorius

Reeva Steenkamp killed by Oscar Pistorius


Tomorrow, Thursday, August 7th, is a big day for the South African justice system in Pretoria High Court, whether they know it or not. The Pistorius trial’s extensive delays have been disturbing to outside watchers, but now the Prosecution must sum up their arguments and Mr. Pistorius’ team has to play his last defence cards – can we expect another shock surprise, another rabbit out of the hat, or was his team’s last ditch attempt to claim mental deficiency it? We all wait with trepidation don’t we?

There can be no doubt that Judge Masipa has skillfully, controlled and steered this trail when faced with two powerhouse opposing advocates under World scrutiny. All focus now though will be on this lady in the next few days, while the Court will undoubtedly resume with a circus – both sides have a lot to lose, don’t they?

The colored women Judge’s reputation is beyond disrepute, but she is faced with many conundrums regarding the killing of a young white woman by a white man. It all comes down not to simply what she believes, or who is telling the truth, but also how she interprets the law. Most outsiders expect her to be cold & calculating in her judgment ignoring any media consequences; despite such obvious difficulties (reportedly her legal ambition has been to “make a difference”).

After the next couple of interesting days can you expect some news on a verdict? NO WAY! The Judge is likely to take a few more weeks privately to decide where this goes. She can’t afford to be seen to make a preemptive judgment can she?

Other criminal lawyers think that despite the unreliable & changing defence, that the State has not done enough to prove premeditated murder – but it still could be murder

[World observers are simply watching for justice]

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