“Great Britain” – NOT so ‘great’ NOT so ’britain’ is it?


Large areas of the World Map used to be coloured ‘pink’ to show that those countries ‘belonged’ to Britain. That means that we had sent out our ships & armed sailors and soldiers and conquered the local populations (slain or enslaved them into the bargain). Why did we do that? So we could steal all their wealth, land, and resources, silly!

Are we proud of that? Probably.

We have given them all back now (well nearly all – we are trying desperately to keep a strong grip on Scotland as we speak, as they have still got a lot of gas & oil that we covet, and other things to be used as well). Was all that release of those counties magnanimous of us then? Perhaps not – quite a lot of blood was spilt in the process of them getting back their independence, wasn’t it?

Britain then fought not one but ‘two’ World Wars (1914–1918 & 1939–1945) to keep the latter day Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland) truly British, protect our way of life, secure our future, our industries & resources, and make safe our wealth, our society, and all else of course.

So where does all that sacrifice leave Britain these days?

Well in the shit to be honest. Why is that? Because we have ‘sold the family silver’ as the saying goes. Others didn’t really need to fight us for our country – no, we were prepared to let money talk, weren’t we? All sold off to the highest bidder however foreign. When they tell you that something is a British Multi-National, be afraid – it means that we don’t actually own it, doesn’t it?

Here we are in 2014 and we own NOTHING of value, and control NOTHING of significance, and have NOTHING to contribute to World peace or anything else for that matter, do we? (what a sacrifice of our history and fifty million war killed eh?):

British Steel – iron & steel plants gone, and the two minor units left owned by the Indians. We are reliant on Luxemburg, Japan. China. Korea, India, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Iran, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Bangladesh, Peru, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Pakistan, Qatar, at least, if we want to build anything to do with steel.

British Petroleum – owned by an assortment of Americans, Arabs, Norwegians, Chinese and others – almost all of supplied liquefied gas & a quarter of gas supplies owned by Qatari’s

British Gas – owned by Centrica under the control of fund management firms

National Grid electrics & now gas – owned by who knows who, but certainly with connections to the Dutch & Americans, and whoever else who actually have the bulk of the shares

Energy Generators & Suppliers BG, EDF, EOM, npower, Scottish Power, SSE– owned by French, Germans, Spanish amongst others

British Coal – gone, mothballed, and the few mines left owned by whoever and they are more interested in being the largest landowners in the UK

Aircraft, as the inventors of Concord and renowned fighters we are now reduced to making wings only for the French Airbus civil airliner and buying our fighters from the Americans

Harrods iconic London store – owned by Qataris

Hotels world’s most famous Claridge’s, Ritz, Brown’s, Connaught, Waldorf, Berkeley, Savoy, Hilton, Mandarin, Dorchester,– owned by Irish, Bermudans, Americans, Bruneis, Saudis, Canadians, and tax exiles

British Water companies – owned by the French, Canadians, Chinese, Americans, Norwegians, Australians, Arabs, Malyasians, amongst others

Railway Trains a British innovation and invention, has its few train builders – owned by Canadians, French, Japanese, Germans

Railway infrastructure – owned by nobody yet (us later?)

Clothing our manufacturing industries decimated – the clothes you are wearing probably made in a Bangladeshi sweatshop

Diesel Engines manufacturer – owned by French, Americans

British Car manufacturers – owned by Japanese, Germans, Americans, Indians

Premiership Football teams Manchester United, Hull City, Leicester City, Everton, QPR, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea City, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Liverpool, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur – owned by assorted Americans, Egyptians, UAEs, Thailanders, Malaysians, Indians, Russians, Swiss, South African, Bahamans, and Icelanders to boot

Electronics, TVs, radios, phones, computers, laptops, and the like – all made in Japan, Korea, America, Poland, China, Holland and a host of other countries [the last volume TV (a device invented by Scot John Baird) rolled off a UK production line five years ago]

Hyde Park’s most expensive flat block– owned by Qatari’s

Banks, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, Barclays, Standard and twenty UK retail banks including Santander – owned by Qatari’s, Irish, Indians, Chinese & Asians, Nigerians, Cypriots, Americans, Australians, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, amongst others

London Olympic Village – owned by Qatari’s

Media including National Newspapers, Sky TV, London’s historic evening paper, – owned by Australians, Russians Jerseyians, Americans

Food – the UK now imports nearly half of its food (from America, Mexico, West Indies, Argentina, South Africa, Central Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe amongst others) including food we can grow or farm here (thank goodness we are not at war).

Rubbish & Landfill – the UK now creates so much waste that we ‘export it’ to go into other countries landfill

Coasts & Rivers, we are willing to pay so little towards our coastal defences & flood defences that in our grandchildren’s lifetime, large areas of our little island will be under water

Chocolate production – iconic Cadburys gone, owned by Americans, and the brand’s products produced in Poland

Fish we no longer own the fish around our island so large quantities of our allocated EU quota ends up in Spain & France or wherever

Canary Wharf London’s astounding financial district – – owned by Qatari’s

British Telecom – owned by Americans, Canadians and another twenty institutional & fund holders

Supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op, Waitrose, – owned by Qatari’s and other major foreign investors despite some family holdings

London Stock Exchange– it may be here in the City but is owned by Qatari’s, Italians, Investment Banks, & others

Camden Market the biggest emporium & London’s fourth most popular tourist attraction – owned by Qatari’s & others

Shipbuilding with most yards closed, a so called maritime nation who doesn’t build any cruise ships, or much else, but can just about manage to weld up a couple of aircraft carriers (but we can’t afford any planes to go on them though)

Royal Rail after five hundred years has been disposed of like damaged firesale goods at a knockdown price to a host of money grabbing shysters from around the globe



[Population -ah but we are still all Brits here aren’t we? Well, not quite really – we’ve got quite a few extra immigrants as well now you see (and growing yearly in numbers), so over a hundred thousand each from say India, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Pakistan, Germany, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria, United States, Jamaica, France, Philippines, China, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Italy, Sri Lanka, Australia, Lithuania, Somalia, these days, haven’t we? They may make a great contribution but they do come with their different non-British perspectives and values of course and they don’t always want to integrate & accept our culture unfortunately. That all means that about one in seven of us British residents weren’t actually born here].

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