We live in a sick society nowadays surely where we are now openly ‘debating’ the intentional killing of people? Real people like your parents, your immediate family, your aunts & uncles, your cousins, your loved ones, your friends, your acquaintances, your workmates, your neighbours, and not least eventually yourself. Oh no, we believe it is all about OTHER people, OTHER families, OTHER places, isn’t it?. Killings not because of any war, not because of any wrongdoing, on no, but just simply because someone has decreed that the usefulness or rightfulness of a life has expired.

Not much debate in many households on how to save the lives of people though is there? No in depth discussions on registering to become an organ donor is there? No bothering to agree amongst family groups that when a life is lost, that a gift of one will be made to a desperate person still able to live on? A more crucial ‘debate’ perhaps that would save thousands of lives with no effort whatsoever – no need even to work your socks off with the Red Cross, or a alcohol or drug rehab centre, to save some lives is there?

In bygone days many things were illegal – some are now deemed legal but perhaps not always to the benefit of mankind, do you think? One thing has though been constant in mankind throughout, and more or less all over the World from time immemorial – killing is wrong and illegal. It is not even a religious thing is it? The taking of human life is generally abhorred, though we have all found a way around that, when faced with war, or legal executions for repugnant crimes, haven’t we?

Suicide was once illegal and a criminal act in the England but probably not punishable by death! That law changed ONLY fifty years ago! Suicide rates from people in despair are unbelievably high already and increasing (certainly over six thousand souls), so what kind of message, what kind of consequence, of saying that suicide is now actually approved by our society? That will really stigmatise & discourage it won’t it? It is reported that assisted suicide is well supported in Britain (some eighty percent in favour they say but only for the terminally ill perhaps) – just like in the same manner that everyone mentally denies that they or their close ones could ever be involved in a car accident – until the shocking reality hits with serious injury or fatality that is.. Why is that for goodness sake? Why this groundswell of support? IGNORANCE of course

It starts with an unfair one sided pondering doesn’t it? So then even the intelligent and caring amongst us are misinformed & misled surely? A few wrenching individual sob stories are given massive publicity, and as we all know the British are very susceptible to that, don’t we? Our hearts break to see someone terminally ill, in unbelievable distress, who wants to end it all now, or thinks they will want to in the future. Oh yes, our tears swell out and we agree that their turmoil should be ended. But at what consequence for everyone else left eh? So do we change the law for a few people, who let’s be clear are anything but quitters & cowards, but are caught-up in a dreadful pseudo-life, often through no fault of their own, and then open Pandora’s box for all others?

No balance in publicity is there? What about say the survivors of personal physical tragedy, like the kid born with no arms & legs – should she have said (or worse still been ‘told’) her life was worthless, too painful, too difficult, too distressing? She is now an adult trying to cope with what life has given her. What about all the other people in the shit with dreadful conditions that make them incapable of leading a ‘normal’ life but still strive with what they have – are they now to be classified as second class citizens, told they can/should die if they become ill’er or more depressed. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it won’t happen over time – not in a year perhaps, but what about in fifteen years time say?

Pressure will be, without doubt, on individuals who are sick, disabled, damaged, old infirm, and a drain on society as well as a burden to their family and mankind. Why wouldn’t they do the decent thing and bog-off?

Safeguards – have a laugh! But don’t burst out laughing and hurt yourself will you?

You need an example of valueless ‘safeguards? How about our fifty years in the UK of ABORTIONs scandal. Legislation brought in by one David Steel MP to save each year a few hundred women dying of ‘illegal’ abortions – with overpowering safeguards of course which were committed to by our ‘astute’ Parliament. Two proper real doctors would provide the safeguards – in reality these guys now sign the paperwork, get paid, and don’t even ever have to see the women involved! RESULT? At least a hundred THOUSAND healthy baby aborted in the UK in EVERY YEAR, with many hundreds of women dying, injured, or suffering mental distress as a consequence. How do we justify that, and how does David Steel see his legacy working out on that one then, we wonder?

The ex-head Archbishop of the Church of England now pontificates his approval for assisted dying – if he couldn’t come out with that when leading the Church he should shut up now he doesn’t, and stop meddling, mudding the waters, and causing confusion amongst Anglicans surely?

Switzerland allows it, and attracts wealthy but extremely ill participants to boost their economy, NOT as an act of compassion, not as a pathway for the desperate and the vulnerable – no, just the rich so not a poor person in sight is there? It is to be expected from a country that has done nothing, fought for nothing and nobody, a country that has defied decency and morality, allowed criminals, despots and the like to hide their money there whether stolen, defrauded, or annexed funds and it provides a tax haven for shysters like Lewis Hamilton, a so called ‘British’ racing driver living there (in a place he had never ever visited before he needed to pay big taxes), who got rich & famous only because of a society he benefited from, but he isn’t willing to support now.

Anyone who has been closely aware of a suicide will have seen the turmoil, distress, guilt and hurt that it leaves behind.

Anyone that has been close to a loved one’s critical medical situation will know both the fear of death and equally the fear of survival.


[Families look after their loved ones not shut-down them. Doctors save lives not take them]

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