The Worse Cheats & Criminals in Sport – Is Luis Suarez footballer amongst them?

suarezcriminalQuestion_mark_(black_on_white)Luis Suarez is well despised in Britain isn’t he (apart from Liverpool of course, as he plays for them), because he put the final nail in England’s World Cup demise with two goals!)? He has just been suspended (nine games), fined (100K Swiss francs) and banned from all stadiums (four months). Why? Did he punch someone senseless? NO. Did he break someone’s leg and end their career then? NO. Did he attack & seriously injure the referee? NO. Did he at least then force someone to get carried off badly injured? Oh NO. Well, did he fix a match? NO.

What he did do apparently though, was to ‘bite’ somebody on the shoulder – a massive Italian guy, who made a meal of it! A disgusting act of childlike behaviour without doubt. And this is his third offence no less – so he is widely already labelled a ‘biter’ and that is what has probably reinforced his bad behaviour rather than eliminated it. Many parents experience worrying instances when their toddlers bite and strive to stop it in its tracks – and overcome their feelings of anger and embarrassment. A major cause of biting with children is ‘frustration’. Punishment never works with kids, but perhaps it will with Suarez, do you think?

Most of the public have no idea what abuse Suarez suffered from victim Chiellini before the incident, but you can be certain it was pretty violent & severe (you see, the commentators get so used to it these days that they no longer bother to notice it let alone report it). It is most unlikely that Suarez’s behaviour was attention seeking – after all he gets more attention than anyone could handle (by having an outstanding talent). All the top players get kicked off the park these days, as that is the easiest way of the ‘untalented’ stopping them. The greatest players manage to cope with it without resorting to their own level of violence – like breaking legs, punching, elbow jaw breaking, stamping, kicking, spitting (nowadays arm pulling & shirt grabbing is routine and rarely punished).

SHOCKINGLY there have been some 20 RED cards & 260 YELLOW cards issued already in only the first 96 games of this World Cup to the supposed TOP teams! That is a measure of the match violence that is going on in Brazil, isnt it?

[Brazil’s star striker Neymar  was subsequently seriously injured in the quarter final, and could have ended up in a wheelchair but ruled him out of the World Cup and devastated his teams chances of getting to the Final – a knee in the back foul by Juan Camilo Zuniga of Colombia and that was real criminalty that didn’t even get a yellow card nor any FIFA punishment!]

Without doubt Luis Suarez needs to stop this sickening conduct. Certainly top players need better protection and the football authorities have a dire performance record on that one, don’t they? Instead of technology being applied to rare disputes of balls crossing the goal line, it should use it to identify & properly punish the cheats shouldn’t they? Even the more obvious cheating has become endemic – Holland committing 68 fouls in their first three World Cup matches, wow! (and they carry on to the knockout stages regardless).

Before we lot in the UK quickly judge Suarez, remember there are more than thirty Brits who have actually been caught in extreme cheating– including Lee Bower footballer, Linford Christie athlete, Willie Johnson Scottish footballer, Christine Ohuno athlete (double World champion and Olympics medals winner); Dwan Chambers athlete (banned so went abroad to play American football and once again now pulls on an Olympic vest and runs for Britain!). Five football player were trapped match fixing (Accrington Stanley & Bury) some five years ago (banned & fined), and more recently, this year, two business men and a player were convicted of more fixing (betting scams get everywhere you see).

The reason Suarez is condemned by the English media is that he is Uruguayan you see and not as sportsmanlike as we English. Take New Zealand born, dual English nationality, Dylan Hartley – he’s the king of good guys isn’t he? He’s a professional footballer as well you know, but rather than Soccer he is a Rugby Union player (the favoured sport of our Public School elite). Played for England schoolboys, then the under 21s and now the full England senior team; infamous for his violence and lack of self control on the field of play. Oh yes, not only a biter, but an eye gouger, a puncher, and a referee abuser to boot. Been sent off and banned for his serial offences of course (the latest last year), but is still a pillar of our society apparently and continues to get international caps galore (some 60 so far). Perhaps us English should remember the proverb “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

Football has a prolific level of game cheating, not seen however by four highly paid officials (Referee, two Assistant Refereesand an off-pitch Official). YOU see it all though in the TV replays with blatant shirt pulling, hand balling, punching, kicking, pushing, spitting, using foul language, and physically intimidating the Ref.

Don’t worry football doesn’t have a monopoly on cheating does it? It is always there, involving many international events around the World – in cycling, football, baseball, weightlifting, volleyball, judo, wrestling, rowing, equestrian, gymnastics, field hockey, athletics, rugby league, basketball, snooker, boxing, cricket, and others. Cheating super-sportspersons by the dozens, from some of the biggest countries, with match fixing, cheating and frequently drug taking/doping.

In one of the biggest sport betrayals ever Canadian Ben Johnson 100-metres world record breaking gold medal winner of the 1988 Olympics achieved it by taking drugs (how many others there were ‘uncaught’?). Or American Fred Lorz supposedly first home in the marathon of the 1904 St Louis Olympics but got here by covering nearly half distance by car – a lifetime ban but then lifted!

How about American multimillionaireand iconic professional road racer Lance Armstrongwinning a record seven consecutive Tour de France’s from 1999 who escaped detection for donkey years before being identified as a career prolific drug cheater, and abusive enforcer on it for other team riders – stripped of his titles and banned for life in 2012. Then there is the devious Belgian rider Michel Pollentieras the 1978Tour de France yellow jersey race leader failing his drug test trying to use another person’s urine sample.

Ireland’s multiple gold medal swimmer at the Atlanta Olympics Michelle Smith de Bruin (wife of Dutchman Erik de Bruin – himself earlier banned for four years on drug offences) ) who was subsequently found to be tampering with her urine sample – four year ban, but now unbelievably a barrister!

Outstanding American Football player OJ Simpson, strangely legally acquitted in 1994 of the brutal knife murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend (but later ‘convicted’ in a civil court) and now in jail for thirty three years, this time legally convicted of robbery & kidnapping. America though has spawned over a hundred and fifty other big time sports cheats, like athletics drug using ‘heroine’ Marion Jones, or serial cheat Carl Lewis 100m awarded Olympic title (another cheat in that race).

Sad to report but no country is squeaky clean, is it?

[It is not just humans who are at it. For example Ireland won a gold medal at Athens 2004 Olympics in show jumping, only for the horse to fail a drugs test!]


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