A sad tale, a journey ending – a tragedy unfolding?

Scott was a very healthy youngster. Oh yes, he was a strong little blighter, full of energy and mischief. That is what got him into trouble really. He was just like many developing young lads, over aggressive and objectionable at times, but others thought that he needed to be brought under control, be disciplined and learn his place. He rebelled of course, as all such youngsters do, and despite courageous attempts of those caring for him, and a lot of blood sweat and tears into the bargain, he was eventually forcefully snatched and taken into care.

He was thereafter overseen and guarded from afar by a very strict family Master, and his every move monitored and controlled year in and year out. As he grew in stature he proved to be very clever and resourceful, full of ideas, able to do many things, and contributed immensely to his new family. He indeed brought them much wealth and fame – he was a total credit to them.

Sadly, as he grew up he became increasingly unhappy with his lot. No matter what he did, he was not allowed any kind of freedom. He was never permitted to go his own way, or do what he really wanted, or use his personal initiative and immense talents for his own reward. He nevertheless worked tirelessly and hard, earned good money, but it was all taken from him by the Master, so he could never actually acquire wealth or self-determination– but he was given some weekly pocket money to keep him quiet. He was not allowed to really mix privately with others around him or have his own view and opinions, as he had to toe the line and do whatever the Master wanted, even though the Master and his close family spent their life living far away.

As Scott became more and more distressed about his role in life, the Master let him make a few more decisions about his existence – what he could eat and things like that. That didn’t prove to be enough for Scott and he wanted to be fully independent – like most lads do when they get older, leave home and make their own way in life!

The Master wasn’t at all happy about that prospect and he galvanised all his own friends and acquaintances to warn Scott that leaving and going off to live alone would be a disaster. He would be much worse off and wouldn’t be able to survive alone in the big wide world without the ongoing help and support of the Master. He would also have to leave the Master’s Bank and the Club. The Master promised that Scott would though be allowed further freedoms, like choosing TV programmes & the like if he stayed, but Scott was insistent that he could be independent, self sufficient, survive and have a meaningful life on his own.

Scott is now faced with a mammoth decision. Does he have the guts and courage to go? Is he so depressed & oppressed after all the years of servitude that he lacks the bravery now to make his own way in life? Should he really dare to hope for a superior separate life? Is it really a matter of being ‘better off’ either way, and gambling to get it right?

YES independent?

NO better together?


[DECISION DAY 18 September 2014 SCOTLAND]



Scots battlefield defeats

Battle of the Standard 1138 Ten thousand Scots led by King David killed by Normans

Dunbar 1296 – Scots invaded and beaten by English led by Edward 1
Falkirk 1298 – Scots led by William Wallace defeated by English led by Edward 1

London Hill 1307 – Scots under Robert the Bruce defeated by the English

Haliden Hill 1333 – Scots defeated by English Edward III

Nevilles Cross 1346 – Scots defeated by English and King David II captured

Hamilton Hill 1402 – Scots defeated by English

Flodden 1513 – Scots heavily decisively defeated by the English & King James IV killed

Glenshiel 1719 – Scots Jacobites defeated again

Culloden 1746 – Scots Jacobites massacred by English led by Duke of Cumberland


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