The game of ‘Fives’ – never heard of it?

There is a sports game called ‘Fives’ if you can believe it. It came up in as a question in a UK TV quiz game and the quizmaster had no idea what it was – but the Contestant immediately knew! He must have been an ex-Public School boy surely? You see ‘Fives’ has nothing to […]

The Best Ever British Comic – without doubt KEN DODD and certainly TOO Good to Miss!

Ken Dodd – legend comedian, entertainer, ventriloquist, actor, songwriter, and singer Mr Ken Dodd, well known, utterly respected, iconic, British comedian & entertainer, was probably inadequately revered & encapsulated in a post here last January 1st. . Some of us now have had the unforgettable experience of seeing him in the flesh at his 2014 […]

Bread – what the heck happened to it?

Have you personally ever tasted ‘real’ bread? Have your own children ever known ‘real’ bread? Have your close family ever experienced real bread? Have your best friends ever themselves encountered ‘real’ bread? Well, you are in a minority if you can answer YES to all those questions! In the UK we no longer have our […]

The Worse Cheats & Criminals in Sport – Is Luis Suarez footballer amongst them?

Luis Suarez is well despised in Britain isn’t he (apart from Liverpool of course, as he plays for them), because he put the final nail in England’s World Cup demise with two goals!)? He has just been suspended (nine games), fined (100K Swiss francs) and banned from all stadiums (four months). Why? Did he punch […]

England’s WORLD Cup Disaster – did YOU see it coming?

In case you were in any doubt England are out of the 2014 Rio World Cup, eliminated after two lost football games in Group D. Following their third and final match on Tuesday they will be heading back to Blighty, doubtless to a non-hero’s welcome, after our worst performance EVER at the Finals!. Yesterday the […]

‘You don’t have to be Disabled to be Different – Everyone’s Different’ aren’t they?

American Kim Peek was quite a ‘different’ personality indeed in the flesh. He had both amazing ability and commendable insight about life. He had a strange capacity to read two book pages separately with each eye, and had probably the most astoundingly powerful memory ever encountered. Mr Peek could speed read & memorise books (some […]

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Tony Blair – who do you despise the Most?

Our Labour ex PM Tony Blair (ten years from 1997) is in the news again – pontificating on the current crisis in Iraq. What he has to say may well be valuable and right – but who wants to listen to him these days? Do you? Can any of us trust a word that comes […]

A UK Political Party – ill & in terminal decline?

A crisis has transpired in the world of politics. An important party is in trouble, in trouble of going under financially. No, despite all their money problems NOT Conservative, NOT Labour, NOT LibDems, NOT Greens, NOT even the new kids on the block UKIP! No, it is the UK’s ‘Official Monster Raving Looney Party’ [OMRLP] […]

A sad tale, a journey ending – a tragedy unfolding?

Scott was a very healthy youngster. Oh yes, he was a strong little blighter, full of energy and mischief. That is what got him into trouble really. He was just like many developing young lads, over aggressive and objectionable at times, but others thought that he needed to be brought under control, be disciplined and […]

Newark by-Election Analysis – Success or Failure?

Well the decisions of the Newark public came in last Thursday, the votes got counted during the night, and a MP got elected so after the partying & a celebration is now off to Westminster. So is that it then? Not quite perhaps?  The politicians and pollists will be rummaging through all the figures to […]