A Cockroaches Pest Infestation – something to alter your life?



This post is based on fact – a true story no less!

A small gaggle of mature women fly off from the UK a couple of times a year and deposit themselves in sunny Spain – leaving their loved ones behind to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet with unlimited tele football, and long sessions down the pub. Surprisingly, so far none of these females have been arrested there for disturbing the peace with their constant nattering, over exposure on the beach, or late night arguments over their card games!

Oh, but it all went badly this year – Colin spoilt the party didn’t he! He appeared on the first day. Unannounced, unwelcomed, and unappreciated! He was a Cockroach! The girls had never seen a cockroach before – they were mortified. What was unbelievable to them was that their holiday flat was on the fourth floor – how the heck did Colin manage to get up there? They had been going there for years – and Colin had never shown his face before.

Worse to come! Colin had his mates with him didn’t he – not all that many but enough to shatter the girlies’ happiness. Some of the cockroaches were violently dispatched by a courageous one of the ladies. – and insecticide was laid down the next day. The suggestion of some of those freaking out was to immediately move out and go to a hotel instead – that was blocked when they looked in their purses to see how few Euros they had to spare! Dare they ever go back there though later this year again? [Even top hotels in Spain get cockroaches checking in!].

Let the truth be known! Cockroaches are basically ancient Asian insects that live all over the World now and have gradually moved westward. They therefore like warm conditions and seek watery damp environments – nooks & crannies is where you will find them. They are mostly nocturnal and unbelievably resilient & adaptable (one of the hardiest insects on the planet no less) so they can survive months without food or water & can eat anything!

Oh yes, they also reached us in the UK in our ships hundreds of years ago. They have a bad reputation as a pest species, and are the bane of the life of restaurateurs and food places (even 5 star establishments!) as Health Inspectors will close such premises down if they uncover evidence of cockroach presence during their inspections. Households in the UK can also get these little blighters visiting – not normally very large insects to be said – but immediate action will eliminate them (get professional help if there is a big problem).

So what is frightening about cockroaches or roaches as they are known? Should you be afraid? NO. Are they ugly? NO. Do they bite? NO. Do they cause or particularly spread decease? NO, but they can contaminate food of course and that is why they have to be strictly eliminated from any food environments!

Well, they are a bit scary though (particularly for women) because they run very fast & come from the dark! They run away from light. Also, they have a hard shell so they crunch horribly when you try to squash them with your shoe. They also scavenge food and leave evil smelling trails & other things!

What should we all do if we think we are in danger of a cockroach invasion?

Keep worktops, sinks, tables and floors clean and free of clutter. Clean dishes, crumbs and spills right away. Store food in airtight containers, and always avoid leaving food out (including pet food!). Seal cracks and gaps in walls, floors and openings around or inside cabinets. Householders and flat-dwellers should also seal gaps around plumbing, wall outlets, and switch plates. Run water periodically in spare bathrooms and little used sinks. Check children’s backpacks when they return home, as well as grocery items before storing them when in hot climates. Don’t ever bank on stopping these upsetting pests though!



[To evict cockroaches, you could of course get some Ampulex wasps which cruelly sting a roache to paralyze it and then lay an egg on it to feed off it while still living!]

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