European Elections – Shocking Result Prediction?

UN Emblem

UN Emblem

Well Postal votes have been cast! Voting at the Polls starts in the morning throughout the UK! Soon after the polls close here we will have the ‘experts’ predicted result! (Publication of ‘exit Polls’ are NOT allowed until ALL 28 Member States finish voting, and actual results won’t be known until Sunday though – after every country is done. Will it come as a surprise? NO! To some perhaps, but not to most of us ordinary British people! Why is that? It is because we already KNOW the end result, don’t we?

So what DO we know?

*There will be a shockingly LOW turnout, as usual, because no one is inspired by these EU elections, as we all know the 73 MEPs are on the gravy train to Brussels and they have no power to do anything when they get there (but if turnout goes UP a bit, it will be solely due to the ‘Farage’ factor won’t it?).

* Whoever gets elected in your designated Area YOU will shockingly never have heard of them before (and probably will never hear anything about them again in the next 5 years!).

* However the main Parties do, whatever disastrous the voting outcome for them, they will be shockingly publically upbeat about their result! The Conservatives (who came top last time with 26 seats) will say they did better than the dire predictions & it will be different at next year’s General Election! UKIP (who came second last time with 13 seats) will say they have exceeded all expectations, trounced the main parties & shown that the British people want an In-Out Referendum immediately! Labour (who came third last time with 13 seats) will say they did well compared to the Polls & were concentrating on the Local Elections held the same day!The LibDems (who came fourth last time with 11 sears) will say even, if they lose ALL their seats, that it is not Nick Clegg’s fault & it is a price they are paying for being responsible and courageous in going into coalition government with their ‘hated’ Tories! [UK elected 72 MEPs in 2009 so last time there were 11 OTHERS (Greens, BNP, SNP, Plaid Cymru, and 3 from NI Region elected by STV proportional representation)].

* After the results are out you know that the media will be on the case, while shockingly ignoring the fact that their message has been ignored by the public. The predominately Tory Press will stick behind David Cameron and his leadership & ignore his position of jeopardy produced by UKIP. The Mirror will support Ed Miliband, while surprisingly & inexplicably continuing to undermine his ability to become Prime Minister! The minor press support for the LibDems will brief secretly against Nick Clegg, but like his party will not have the guts to say that he has to go urgently & immediately. As for Nigel Farage and UKIP, all the media (shamefully the BBC included!) will claim that his result is all down to ‘racism’, despite the voting public having refuted that in the ballot box. They will ignore the plain fact that the British people are sick to the back teeth with Europe (except for holidays of course!), don’t need ‘uncontrollable’ immigration, want our MPs to make whatever laws we live under however rubbish they are (and not some unelected morons from abroad – we have enough elected & unelected morons in our House of Commons & Lords as it is don’t we?).

* Even more shockingly we know don’t we that despite the massive costs of these elections (a drop in the ocean compared to other EU tranches of wasted money of course!) that it will make absolutely NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever to what happens in the UK or Europe!

[Those in the know say that UKIP is a one man band ‘short term’ protest party who cannot become a mainstream national party – but didn’t the Social Democrats do just that in the 1980s? They also insist that there is NO CORRELATION between success in EU or Council election to results in a subsequent General Election – perhaps the main parties shouldn’t be so sure this time round?]

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