Islam is under serious threat – from Muslims?‏

Trojan Horse artifact

Trojan Horse artifact

intolerance is what destroys and kills things in the end (particularly religious intolerance). You just have too look at past history to get a flavour of that!
So called ‘radical’ Muslims for some decades have embarked of a campaign in the UK and  around the World to alter their and other societies;  not by argument, nor by example, nor by encouragement, nor by enticement, nor by endorsement, nor by promotion, nor even by attraction – no but by force!  Not even just the  force of overt  coercion but by violent force & sometimes death itself.
By non-Muslims, Islam is now widespreadly seen NOT as a religion to be admired & respected, but as a ‘cult’ in our midst to be ultimately feared, met with suspicion,  and ostracised.
The British are a very tolerant nation these days – our times of roaming the World to enslave others and change their values to ours, have long since gone thank goodness. We have successfully embraced large hoards of immigrants from overseas backgrounds over five or more decades providing employment – and sometimes benefits – housing, education, and healthcare (not without some  pain to all concerned!) and now proudly claim to have  created a unique ‘multi-cultural’ society – the long-term  truth and value of that will be determined however by the future won’t it?
Sometimes tolerance gets abused and that causes problems doesn’t it? It creates severe difficulties when different ‘native’ cultures take over specific locations, overpopulate them, and impose a alien environment on the indigenous, general, or national society they live in. This is true whether it is related to a particular set of nationals, or peoples of national origin, or specific religion. Gettos can be created, no-go areas for outsiders established, enaction of differnet standards of behaviour, promotion of different attitudes to society, and application of different  laws & justice, ecetera.
In the UK most people are tolerant non-racists (but their are some of those bad eggs in all societies aren’t there?), but it is galling to most to see continuing attempts to hijack our society. The most recently published example (of many unfortunately) comes from Birmingham in a leaked draft report (obtained by the Sunday Telegraph) telling of secular State  Schools being targeted by Muslim extremists,  who seek to see the abandonment of our national education structure there, to be replaced by an Islamic orientated curriculum including segregation of boys & girls  –  all against and transgressing our core principles & Country’s laws naturally. Allegations and evidence of such a plot has apparently been mooted for some time, but has been poo-hoo’d and downplayed  by even senior people in authority in Birmingham (including Top Educationalists, Church Leaders and Senior Policemen – who will now all have egg on their faces faced with hard evidence at hand!). At least half of Birmingham’s twenty five or so central schools are under scrutiny, many implicated, with reportedly  six already heading for compulsory restructuring. The attempted takeover of schools by activists had partially succeeded with Head Teachers and Governors replaced with Muslim hardliners. The extent of the situation has been uncovered by recent snap inspections by Ofsted  (the Government’s schools watchdog) – with two additional enquiries now underway  by the Department of Education and Birmingham City Council.
This Schools malicious  control campaign is deemed to be the ‘Trojan Horse’ Plot  with the newspapers identifying the strategist as a prominent member of the Muslin Council of Britain – the truth about all this is yet to come out of course (it is early days but nevertheless quite worrying)
A big problem with such issues is that anyone who raises concerns about even brazen attempts to Islamise their  society is met with aggressive accusations of hysteria, racism, and islamophobia. Nothing is further from the truth – nobody wants extreme  Islamic political ideology to be rambed down their throats (and that includes many Muslims doesn’t it?). The responsible ‘downplaying’  authorities in Birmingham have been letting their population and the Country down haven’t they?
Britain is after all  historically and still a Christian country (with a Head of State also heading the Christian Church) – but where all religions are allowed, tolerated, and permitted to flourish without fear or favour. For hundreds of years though  Britain has been beset with violent battles over religion –  because we have had here  two main forms of opposed Christianity groups (Protestantism & Catholicism); the most recent events curtailed some fifteen years ago in Northern Ireland. The British certainly don’t want any more religious turmoils in their lands – those individuals who want to live in a different type of society should abandon ship and go there surely?
[Trojan Horse: this is known as a trick for a foe to ender another’s stronghold. Following a 10 year siege of the city of Troy (circa 1000 years BC), the Greeks placed a huge hollow wooden horse filled with men outside the gates and apparently left – the subterfuge worked and it was pulled into the City as a war trophy. At night the men inside escaped and opened the gates for their waiting army to enter and who then sacked the City]

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