Change Rules on Sex-Assault anonymity – wanted by Who?‏


The English Justice System is not fit for purpose in the modern World. Not because people are falsely charged with serious offences and end up in Crown Court and get acquitted  – no, but because so many criminals, including  murders, rapists and sex offenders get off, or aren’t fully punished. [The actual  statistics are horrific].


The UK’s system is steeped IN the past and indeed is controlled BY the past – Judges decisions in historically old  court cases, however perverse, are set in stone that have to take precedence in all new court  prosecutions under our current judges – unless changed by revised Acts of Parliament (and we all know what a palaver that is don’t we?). The World has moved on, but our Justice System remains stubbornly rooted in ancient history. Why is that? It is simply because those who control the legal industry, the ones who make their substantial livings out of it (including Solicitors, Barristers, and of course Judges – and often our Lawmakers no less!) have a vested interest in protecting their heritage (which has what  got them where they are of course!). Much of ancient law was there to protect the vulnerable, ignorant, and uneducated – many of our peoples  were unable to even  read and write in those days. The flaws in the current  system now however, through abuse, allows the bulk of the criminals in our society (with the connivance  of their lawyer protectionists)  to drive a coach & horses through any concept of justice, punishment, and decent retribution – let alone rehabilitation (the holy grail of the ‘do-gooders’).


Recently we have seen some high profile cases where celebrities and public personalities have been acquitted by the Courts – major expensive trial cases that have taken a month or greater to hear (more than one major case is still ongoing). In each instance it is obvious that there was a ‘case to answer’ and where evidence under oath  has been presented (and often admitted to) of unacceptable behaviour by the accused – but the juries have decided that there was no criminal offence committed beyond ‘reasonable doubt’. The accused have therefore  left Court without a stain on their character – that is our current  law.


Do those acquitted walk away fro Court with their tails between their legs, relieved that a jury has found them ‘not guilty’? Dream on. Do they slip away ashamed of their actions that led them into being accused? Dream on. Do they repent from the drugs, drink, infidelity, impropriety, inappropriate sexual behaviours, or violence (and their court or statement lies) that often get exposed during evidence? Dream on. They frequently accuse the Police for their threatened demise – unbelievably ignorant of the fact that the Police ONLY collect evidence and don’t decide anything on prosecutions. They denigrate the Crown Prosecution Service for unfairly  taking them into the Court – stupidly ignoring our legal system whereby the CPS do NOT decide on guilt but only on there being sufficient evidence to proceed to trial – ONLY a Jury can decide on GUILT in England! Regularly they claim they should be financially compensated for their ordeal & expenditure – strangely unaware that the Judge will throw-out any case they consider is without merit or with insufficient evidence – and indeed will award defence costs  where appropriate. Sometimes they call for the Law to be changed in their situation, so that they would not have been prosecuted or identified – apparently remaining happy that others accused of equally abhorrent criminal acts will continue to be so treated.


Many like Jimmy Savile (deceased entertainer & charity celebrity) and Cyril Smith (deceased headline politician) got away without even being charged  of vile acts (because of their being in the public limelight & untouchable?). Others nearly got away with it – like Jeffrey Archer (peer convicted of perjury & perverting the course of justice) and Jonathan Aitken (Cabinet Minister & Privy Councillor convicted of perjury & perverting the course of justice – despite his claim to use the “simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play” to be acquitted), and such situations always characterised by they and their friends’  public outbursts & protestations of total innocence when arrested by Police; or lesser known Mark Weston cleared of the murder of Vikki Thompson in 1996 but eventually convicted at retrial in 2010.




[ Anonymity for anyone accused of any serious  criminal offence, whether murder, armed robbery, or rape is a  sick joke – intended to submerse further the victims surely? Who wants such a change? Not Joe Public for sure. The only ones who benefit from that approach are those who can hide away from scrutiny isn’t it?]

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