‘Dementia’ the new massive Medical problem – anything for YOU to lose sleep about? Alzheimer’s heading Your way?

Dementia isn’t headline news these days – hopefully you will not have forgotten about it though! Most of us know very little about dementia, most of us care very little about it, most of us simply ignore it – perhaps it will just go away? Bad news on that front I’m afraid! It is with […]

Manchester United – ‘again’ the most despised football club in Britain?

There is an old football joke which goes back to the days when Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich took over London’s Chelsea Football Club in 2003, and pumped millions of pounds of cash into it buying all the top players and consequently winning the English premier league a year later (unfair in many clubs’ fans’ eyes!): […]

Islam is under serious threat – from Muslims?‏

intolerance is what destroys and kills things in the end (particularly religious intolerance). You just have too look at past history to get a flavour of that!  So called ‘radical’ Muslims for some decades have embarked of a campaign in the UK and  around the World to alter their and other societies;  not by argument, […]

Justice South Africa style – is it up for it?‏

The problem in South Africa is that the justice system reportedly  lacks resources – sufficient money, modern  facilities, and competent skilled people. Because in the modern developed World major all investigations have become a state of art event and things like forensics play a major part but have moved-on to an incredibly high level of scientific capability – there […]

NHS on brink of financial crisis – who’s fault is that?

The newspapers are reporting that the next elected UK government in 2015 will have to financially save the NHS as so many Health Service Trusts are stuffed on their budgets pushing the majority into deficit next year (65 already there!) – a crisis that could affect even it’s mortality . [A hundred billion pound annual […]

Change Rules on Sex-Assault anonymity – wanted by Who?‏

The English Justice System is not fit for purpose in the modern World. Not because people are falsely charged with serious offences and end up in Crown Court and get acquitted  – no, but because so many criminals, including  murders, rapists and sex offenders get off, or aren’t fully punished. [The actual  statistics are horrific]. […]

Oscar Pistorius Blade Runner is a Killer certainly – and a Murderer as well?

The World is watching a major (part televised) murder trial in Pretoria High Court South Africa that started on 3 March 2014. Many have looked on in amazement that a man who admittedly shot his girlfriend at his home in Pretoria at night with a pistol 4 times (using disgustingly lethal & illegal ammunition) is […]

British Education – Problem that’s solved then?

A previous post here (Programme for International Student Assessment) recounted the demise of education in Britain, as demonstrated by the UK’s sorry performance in OECD’s PISA latest survey on the state of global education – Asian counties topped the pile, while we have dropped down to the mid twenties (fifteen years ago we were in […]

The UK’s Bedroom Tax – Justice at Last?

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