High Heels – what the hell is all that about?

Women wear high heels (or heels) – that is the euphemism for high heeled shoes! ALL women do it apparently, apart from a few saddos that is. Those high heels can these days commonly be towering 5 inches stilettos, so the women are basically trying to walk around, tottering about in reality, especially when partying, […]

Ukraine on a War footing – another humiliation for America?

The Barack Obama Presidency will be consigned to history with his legacy of the one who brought shame and dishonour on the American people. He has been proved to be sadly an image icon, a massively good talker and an extraordinary non-doer. A likeable man, but a danger to the Western world. Basically he is […]

Immigration Fiasco – the UK is swamped even before the Floods!

Net immigration is up again, with some sixty thousand increase , despite the political ambition, supported by our population, to reduce it to 10s of thousands – the target as claimed by our PM David Cameron!. We have been hit by over 210 thousand immigrants (net) last year. A surprise to all us all then? […]

England’s Health Service – still “Safe in our Hands”?

Dodgy Dave:       hi JJ thanks for coming in for a chat Jerri Joke:            hello Sir – didn’t think I had a choice DD                        needed to get an update on how it is going on the Health Service – I’m getting a lot of stick from that Miliband Muppet at PMQs. JJ                          Health Service – […]