Russia and the Communist yoke – like a phoenix finally risen from the dead in practice?

europe2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>crimeaJust when the civilised World had relaxed and thought that the historic (& perhaps nuclear) threat to western democratic and capitalist values by the alternative oppressive hard-line communist principles from Eastern Europe had been adverted, we get Vladimir Putin putting the cat amongst the pigeons don’t we!

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Don’t make any mistake over that! Then within a matter of weeks they have illegally secreted an important enclave of that country, Crimea, into their own country Russia – enacting their own unrecognised laws to give that action supposedly legitimacy (denying the fact that military force on their behalf has played the real & ultimate role) – and meanwhile the rest of the World looks on mesmerised and impotent. How sad is that then?

The historic nation that embarked on such a type of annexation of its neighbouring countries was Nazi Germany – that started World War2! The Russian excuse is of course the well rehearsed one of protecting their ‘associated’ countrymen! To all intents and purposed Crimea has now been absorbed into Russia – and the World’s other powers have been incapable about doing anything about it!

Why is that for goodness sake? Surely after WW2 the United Nations was set up precisely to stop this kind of thing happening? Well yes, but there was a fatal flaw in that organisation – the ‘big’ boys ensured they could control the ultimate outcome of any decisions – America, Russia, China, and Britain (they have a unique VETO to stop anything happening they don’t like or that effects them you see -good democracy that is NOT),

Putin is a clever cookie and an old school Russian communist. He has been able to outwit the West time and again. It is unbelievable that our highly paid smart-arsed intelligence agencies and political experts haven’t been able to get the measure of him! Despite his country’s constitution preventing it he has manipulated events to stay in command for 14 years! You see power is mostly created there from knowledge – and Putin has controlled that throughout his tenor because he was previously in charge of his country’s KGB secret service (so he has a handle on everyone and everything and can & does use that knowledge to exercise ultimate control).

Russia in the form of the former USSR for a while had a brilliant President called Mikhail Gorbachev some 25 years ago (1990)  – he saw the writing on the wall regarding the demise of his country (NOT defeated by capitalism but by incompetence no less) and set about change to improve their future through openness, freedom, and restructuring (perestroika & glasnost) and to end the Cold War! Unfortunately, he was a silly boy when it came down to Russian politics and went on holiday only to find that on his return he had been ousted (within two years as well) by the hardnosed traditionalists (and then found himself ostracised by his beloved country).

Compare that with President Obama. He is a totally spent force nowadays – supposedly the most powerful person in the World yet now a second term lame-duck incumbent President without command and sadly disrespected throughout the World. Why has that been the turnout of his Presidency? Was it because he was basically incapable & unintelligent? Was it because he was uncaring & basically worldly unknowledgeable? Was it because he chose the wrong team? Or any other potential faults you could mention? No, it was simply because the American establishment refused to let him run the Country – perhaps he didn’t fit in, perhaps it was because he was coloured – who knows? A nice guy, but weak, ineffective, lacking in bottle, and destined forever to go down in history as the ‘worst ever’ President of the United States. One thing you can be sure about though is that America will NEVER have another coloured President – man or woman! [Just as in the UK we will NEVER have another female Prime Minister – Margaret Thatcher’s dreadful legacy will insure that, despite her recent pseudo State Funeral!].

How about Britain’s role in the Ukraine saga then? We have been very vocal – and not much else (certainly NO sabre rattling here!). You see we are a tiny nation really, despite unbelievably excessive expenditure on military budgets (4th largest in the World no less!). How did Britain become to be called “Great” Britain? Well, basically it was because we were good at building ships, arming them and our sailors & soldiers, and courageously travelling round the globe enslaving indigenous populations, stealing their land, their possessions, their valuables, and of course secreating their resources. We stopped doing that now of course, but it hardly gives us the moral high ground does it when we deal with other incidences of such behaviour?

In the UK we have an arrogant self opinionated Prime Minister David Cameron, running an elitists administration, pretending to care about what happens to Ukraine, or that we have any influence or role to play whatsoever – all this does is to demise our credibility as a nation surely?

Europe is comatose as well – you see if you sleep with the enemy you tend to be a bit compromised don’t you? Germany, the strong man of the EU, the industrial powerhouse no less, gets some forty percent of their gas from Russia (a risky strategy embarked upon by Chancellor Angela Merkel a couple of years ago) in addition to massive oil energy importation and commercial interests (6 thousand German companies registered in Russia for example!), so they can’t really kick their bed-mates in the googlies can they?
The most laughable thing about the World’s reaction to Russia’s stealing of Crimea is the draconian sanctions not being imposed on Russia! Perhaps they have been told to write a 100 lines as a punishment saying “We must not invade other countries”! Actually, a dozen or so Russian officials have been targeted with so called ‘restrictions’ – what a joke surely?

The West is of course getting geared up to provide financial support to Ukraine in their hour of need (USA/EU/IMF) – you see, they have debts to be paid, as well as needing further investment funds for development. So where will the money immediately go? Russia obviously – that is who the Ukrainians are in hock to (so bizarrely, it is Russia the aggressor who ends up with the financial reward!). What should we be doing? Should there basically be another ‘Cold War’ as we suffered throughout 1947 – 1991? What most people do not realise is that it wasn’t that cold – not that simplistic you see! Only people involved in the military (and the RAF in particular) will know is that twenty or more years ago EVERY single day of the week of every week of the year the Russians launched  bomber aircraft towards the West (the UK) and in response Britain launched fighter aircraft towards the threat to deter them – and of course the Russian aircraft then turned round. Oh yes this was a bizarre game of bluff and double bluff – but how expensive and risky was that behaviour when nuclear weapons were involved?

Is the Russian situation and communism the greatest risk to the World and peaceful existence? We don’t think so – religion should be your concern! The disgusting situation with the obsessive protection of Judaism (because of the holocaust?),  and the increasingly aggressive promotion by extremists of Islam (none of which we are apparently allowed to condemn without being accused of anti this or anti that!), certainly should cause us all some sleepless nights.


[You don’t have to be an experienced world expert or even a senior politician, nor a mealy mouthed diplomat to know what SHOULD have been done about Russia, do you? Simply we should ban the Russians from the world stage. That would have brought them to heel in short time wouldn’t it? No Russians whatsoever to travel or be given comfort anywhere. All diplomatic ties severed as well. Will anything like that happen? Dream on everybody, we live in the real world don’t we?]

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