High Heels – what the hell is all that about?


18th Century

18th Century

shoe glassshoes1bWomen wear high heels (or heels) – that is the euphemism for high heeled shoes! ALL women do it apparently, apart from a few saddos that is. Those high heels can these days commonly be towering 5 inches stilettos, so the women are basically trying to walk around, tottering about in reality, especially when partying, with their heels raised on semi-stilts of only half an inch diameter, by means of toes balancing on narrow shoe fronts, bearing there almost their full weight (and sometimes that can be considerable because high heels are adored by all shapes and sizes of women!).

Sounds painful, but surely it can’t be so, because most sensible, educated, professional, and even medically trained women go for this footwear? Men are a bit mesmerised about all this, and in general don’t wear shoes with particularly high heels (only those shorties who are obsessed by their lack of height – ignorant of the fact that little men are very successful!).

It is a medical fact though that wearing high heels is bad for feet, and causes females foot and leg damage of bones and muscle- women consider however that the pain and problems are a price well worth paying for the perceived benefits and self confidence generated!

OK then, so why on earth are women so intent on wearing high heels? Well the prime physical reason is that they tilt women forward, emphasizing their bust and their rear – items they consider enhancing their erotic appeal to the opposite sex! In decades gone by it also gave women extra height, which they thought desirable in dealing with taller men (on average men are still some six inches taller than women in England) and society in general [nowadays women however don’t concern themselves too much about that in a reason for choosing high heels] Furthermore they provide an optical illusion of a longer slimmer leg, and smaller foot with slender toes – not much use though to a farmer seeking a working wife is it? [Joke – before accusations of male stereotyping flood in!].

Most people would assume that the high heel was pretty well a 20th century innovation, but that is to ignore the fact they were around four centuries before that, if not indeed apparently in Egyptian times!

Stilettos themselves have been around for some seventy five years now, and were even thinner steel shafts in the past of fifty years ago, at only a fifth of an inch thick! Such shoes types can become a lethal weapon in the hands of a drunk violent female – about time a stringent owner’s licence system was introduced isn’t it?

Apart from high-heeled footwear (with stilettos going up to ten inches or even higher if worn with a platform sole!), women go for a kitten heel with an under two inch heel – a favourite of teenagers as ‘training heels’ – learning the ropes you see ahead of the real goal! Not to mention the derisory slang term of f-me footwear or kinky boots – designed it is said for arousal of others.

Women have a massive fixation and fetish about shoes – they are an essential fashion item to them you see. Women’s’ shoes come in all types of shapes, colours, materials, and designs. Women coordinate their shoes with their clothes and accessories, so consequently would die rather than go out shopping with sensible sturdy flat leather shoes, or indeed any footwear that didn’t go with their particular ensemble of the day.

Most women seem to possess an excessive quantity of shoes (from a male point of view anyway), but not nearly as gratuitously  as the iniquitous Imelda Marcos (wife of the deposed Philippines Dictator) who amassed an astounding three thousand pairs of shoes, some twenty five years ago! It is said that our women these days actually spend about five hundred pounds on their shoe collection of twenty pairs, three quarters of which they never wear, and with one pair they have never ever used! What madness is that (husbands beware!)?

Men wear shoes as well of course, but primarily to cover their feet and actually aid walking (rather than the opposite) – or even to protect their feet with strong shoes or boots in a work environment (boots sometimes come with a steel toecaps – hardly high fashion is that!). Rich men do wear expensive stylish shoes made from especially soft leather – for comfort, and to show off of course.


[So men have a boring time over shoes and it takes a real woman doesn’t it to enjoy footwear and squeeze on those high heels, grimacing bravely and walk away without a squeal of hurting? The message is not to understand women, but just to take pleasure in!]

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