Immigration Fiasco – the UK is swamped even before the Floods!


Net immigration is up again, with some sixty thousand increase , despite the political ambition, supported by our population, to reduce it to 10s of thousands – the target as claimed by our PM David Cameron!. We have been hit by over 210 thousand immigrants (net) last year. A surprise to all us all then? We think not! Because in all recent decades we have seen massive arrivals on our shores from EU and overseas counties – in EVERY one of the last 60 odd years.

UK Censuses repeatedly show hundreds of percents increases in our peoples now having being born abroad – a country being taken over by foreigners. Do we British born residents really care? Not strictly about the origins any of those coming or living here, as we are a welcoming, if not over so, nation & community. We know that many immigrates have brought our society countless benefits, but also appreciate that many others have not – there are over half a million unemployed EU migrants living here already.

Our peoples however are being frightened evermore about overseas scum now coming here to claim our generous benefits and impose themselves on our society, whereas the majority of them are exactly the opposite! So is there a real problem to be dealt with? Most certainly there is.

We are a fairly small island nation with significant financial and community problems already. How can we accommodate mass immigration with millions of workers and their families who require jobs and housing and education and health care? We are only just in the top 80% in size of world countries, yet EU rules say that we have to accommodate any additional uncontrolled influx from Eastern & Southern Europe, Poland, Romania, Bulgarians, et al.

The consequences so far include a massive negative effect on housing and wages. Such immigrants aren’t dispersed around the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland) though – they coagulate in their preferred small and sometimes large pockets to the determent of the existing communities and creating unrecognisable, non-English speaking ,enclaves (and that is a fact). When the EU first started out, members were of about equal size and of equivalent status – so the concept and principle of free movement of labour was sustainable; all that changed with ‘expansion’ when less successful nations jumped on board.

The UK, because of the naivety and stupidity of our politicians, was hit with an avoidable massive influx of economic migrants from Eastern Europe and Poland. As economic strength hopefully returns the UK we will inevitably see the return of millions who have already tried it here and will find it beneficial to return. The biggest influx is likely to be from countries of an equivalent or greater size to us, but less well developed economically– so in reality there is no real population movement reciprocity involved here is there? However, the German Chancellor has made it plain on her visit to Britain that the EU will stick to its guns and force members to accept open-ended immigration (notwithstanding that member Switzerland has legislated against it!).

The British people (who include existing permanent immigrants) have been badly let down by ALL our politicians haven’t we? The existing Tory & LibDem coalition Government has no credible immigration policy now and- no chance of ever meeting Cameron’s promises – his guiding principle has even been described in a speech as a ‘statistical nonsense’ by Liam Fox (a supposedly Tory heavyweight and former defence secretary, albeit booted out for abusing his position and involving a friend in his Cabinet role!). The UKIP lot feel vindicated by events and sensibly say that it has to be changed dramatically.

We need a radical change in direction to live in a cohesive society resulting from, and supported by, a sensible, responsible & sustainable immigration policy. Migrant numbers have to be limited to what we can absorb, and bring value to this country, so living here is not just to be of benefit to those coming here. That means those welcomed into our Country should not be unskilled workers like nowadays, but educated, talented and motivated individuals.


[If only we had a Dr Who Tardis we could shove the UK into it and then accommodate all and sundry, including economic migrants and boatloads of asylum seekers]

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