Inheritance of Titles, Lands, Wealth, Businesses, Jobs, Influence, Education – time for it all to be trounced in the United Kingdom surely?

In many countries it is the offspring or relatives of the rich & powerful who inherit the role when the incumbent dies – and that is what it has been like in the UK for a thousand years or more. British people are aghast to realise that in Syria the so called President Assad simply […]

National Unity Government – time for one again in the UK?

In the UK it is the Sovereign who ultimately decides when governments go & come – you see, it is only the Sovereign who can accept a government’s resignation, and is also the person who appoints the next Prime Minister after a general election. Conventions guide the hand of the Sovereign in such decisions of […]

There is NO God – or is there?

WHERE IS GOD? Since time immemorial mankind has believed in a higher power, a creator no less, one who can control our lives and environment, can reward or punish us, can provide rain and sunshine when required, can grant us offspring, can promote or blight crops, can endow us with riches, or even can pick […]

Russia and the Communist yoke – like a phoenix finally risen from the dead in practice?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Just when the civilised World had relaxed and thought that the historic (& perhaps nuclear) threat to western democratic and capitalist values by the alternative oppressive hard-line communist principles from Eastern Europe had been adverted, we get Vladimir Putin putting the cat amongst the pigeons don’t we! Russia has invaded Ukraine. Don’t make any mistake […]

The Real cause of the Destruction of Human civilisation? FOOD!

How can anyone, sensible or otherwise, suggest that our very civilisation is under serious threat when the facts are indisputably that the world’s population is growing inexorably (80 million annaually and a seven fold increase in the past 200 years!)? Therein lays precisely the answer – the food resources of the World cannot sustain the […]

Rapists galore – why the hell do we let them get away with it?

Rape of women and sexual assault is the one crime that is totally out of control, in the UK certainly and possibly in many other countries as well (undoubtedly America). Practically all rapist get away with it – the rape might not get reported, the police might not bother to deal with it, the CPS […]

England’s educational shame – GCSE’s?

Our kids in England have to go to school and unlike many other places in the World, not only are there schools here, but education is free (up to the age of eighteen anyway!). Like all things that come free, education is a facility that is scantily appreciated by many parents, abused, ignored, and disregarded […]

British Universities going down the pan – an education system in terminal turmoil?

Unbeknown to most of us, the World’s Universities (about 400 of them) get ranked by Times Education/Thompson Reuters for their performance on teaching, knowledge transfer, and international outlook (using s dozen or so ‘indicators’). Effectively the table produced provides a definitive insight into their global reputations. Shock and horror to the British though with the […]

Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTs – are we all being conned?

Many countries (about thirty) have by all accounts prestigious groups and organisations providing so called awards annually, supposedly to recognise the best of the newly released wonderful films. The United States provide probably the best known around the World with the ‘Oscar’ statuettes presented by the Hollywood Academy Awards, at a glittering ceremony broadcast to […]