The Chinese Money Toad – what every household needs?

Camelot-lotto-logo-201_461euromillions200px-The-health-lottery-logopostcodemoney toadMany of us have now after 20 years become totally disillusioned with the UK lotteries [Lotto, euro Millions, Health Lottery, Postcode Lottery – not only are they expensive and never deliver the big money we are hoping for, but they are taking massive amounts of money out of the British economy (some seventy billion pounds so far!), and much straight into the deep pockets of the organizers, A very low & poor proportion of the money collected actually is given to the ‘good causes [only 20% to 28%], , and these lotteries are simply a legal licence to print money! The UK Government had a unique chance to give us a good lottery when Richard Branson headed up a consortium to provide a ‘not for profit’ game – but when they won the bid it was magically whisked away by sleight of hand and reappeared in the coffers of Camelot again.

The consequence of the success of these nationally run lotteries is that there isn’t these days the money to support good causes separately, and those are struggling to get enough money to do their work effectively.

People do the lottery because they want the chance of lady luck entering their lives and bringing them wealth that they cannot hope for in their daily toil – our Bankers don’t bother to do the lottery because they are on a fortune and don’t need to win it!

Right then, if we withdraw from the lotteries how can we retain and replace that illogical hope of wealth coming to us? The answer is the Chinese Money Toad!

Within a Chinese philosophical system called Feng shu (wind-water in English) there are ‘invisible forces’ that bind the Universe, Earth, and Man together; and there is a symbol based on legend, a popular charm for prosperity based on a mythical creature (said to appear during the full moon – the ultimate feminine force) bringing good news, (understood to be wealth-related) known as Jin Chan Golden Toad; also called Chan Chu the Toad, or Zhaocai Chan Chu wealth-beckoning toad – in English the Money Toad or Money Frog,.

The Jin Chu is usually depicted as a bullfrog with red eyes, flared nostrils, a total of three legs, sitting on a bed of money, with a coin in its mouth. On its back, it sometimes displays indentations containing jewels or seven diamond spots symbolising the Big Dipper and its water and wealth-giving connection (important in Chinese astrology.

Jin Chan helps attract and protect wealth, and guards against bad luck and symbolises the flow of money. Feng Shui lore dictates that a Jin Chan figure on display is off the floor, at the spot you think of greatest energy (chi) pointing inwards, the coin in the mouth turned with the Chinese writing up, and never kept in the bathroom, bedroom, dining room or kitchen

Don’t forget as well that it is Chinese New Year on Thursday 30th January 2014!

[Once you have bought your Toad there is no further outlay! Can this little amphibian bring you a spot of luck and wealth? It seems to be working for the Chinese, as they have the fastest growing economy in the World!]

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