Nick Clegg Liberal Democrat Leader & Deputy Prime-Minister & Lord President of the Council – his Stars for 2014 & 2015?


Capricorn - The Sea Goat

Capricorn – The Sea Goat

Things will start off badly this year in 2014 for you our Nick. It is the cardinal turning point for your sign and Saturn is waning. Get ready for major structural changes in your life, and there will be little solitude. The Sun may appear to stand still, but you must not.

The Moon’s revelation will shock all, that no proper Party enquiry has been carried out under you into the numerous and public allegations of sexual misbehaviour and harassment of women by Lord Rennard. All indications are that the accused Lord, the former LibDem Chief Exec, will in fact remain in your Clegg’s club, and Rennard has reportedly already been getting re-involved in party events (the platform used in previous actions complained of!). Now you know the truth you should be honest and fully confide in others.

For you LibDems to embark on a dreadful path of ‘secret justice’ in such a serious matter, when you have claims to be the Party of openness, is another nail that you as leader have driven with force into the Party coffin, and demonstrates your Earth influences. When our Nick tries to say there has been an investigation with a ‘un-publishable’ report, it is all smoke and mirrors – when in fact all there has been is the obtaining of legal advice and nothing more. You say you are going to change the disciplinary rules – too little too late eh!

Rennard of course denies his guilt, as he is entitled to do, and as all such accused do whether guilty or not. He was expected by our Nick (and President Farron) to apologise to the alleged female victims s involved (because there were credible evidence of issues), but almost certainly he will not.

The transit of Jupiter into your opposite sign of Cancer means that abuse of power and harassment and propositioning of women are issues that will be close to the voting public’s consciousness, so the spineless and underhand way that the LibDems have dealt with these serious allegations will be reflected in the ballot box without doubt.

The plan to try to stop the Tory backed EU Referendum bill becoming law may also reflect badly on you early on; it means getting into bed with Labour – a bit inconsistent when you are already in a committed relationship with the Tories!

The operation of the Security Services will also be a hot potato for our Nick in 2014. Despite the mammoth release of security documents by Snowden, which has not provided a shred of evidence of government wrongdoing, but has had a damaging effect on our security, the LibDems are set on stirring the pot – it will come with accusations of making life easier for master criminals and mad killer terrorists determined to wipe us all out. Don’t forget chaos can be created out of order.

Crunch time for our Nick will appear in May this year with the North Node in his solar eleventh house; the European Parliament elections will likely decimate the LibDems – they are heading to lose ALL 12 of their MEPs. Their Tory coalition partners will also do very badly, limping in a poor third behind Labour and UKIP. But who does Cameron throw all the blame on for all such setbacks – our Nick of course. But don’t worry our Nick, Mars is on your side so you can carry on as Deputy PM, as boss David needs you more than ever to attract the flak and be his fag! You will be reminded at every turn just how much you need another.

Some people are about to come clean about their feelings, so at the back of the Year our Nick has to face the hostile (?) troops at the annual conference (Glasgow October), last after the other main conferences. Being in Scotland, if the Scots have just decided to ditch the link with England, could be bit of a risky escapade, so our Nick will need to drink plenty of Scotch (like his predecessor Kennedy). For the past two years our Nick has been under threat of a leadership challenge, but could this be the moment of truth – when he actually gets thrown out or falls on his sword? Most of the existing 56 LibDem MPs would like our Nick to be gone asap and definitely NOT to lead them into the next election in 2015 – he is seen as an election liability who will see at least half of them thrown out! Rest easy our Nick; Cameron will pull any strings he can to keep you in post; also what is going for you is that no potential leader with ambition wants to go down in history as having led the LibDems into the final disastrous battle, do they. You are safe and have nothing to fear – what are a few boos eh? Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and get in there.

All is not lost – 2015 will be a year to look forward to, but be careful your stars predict that there will be risks and hurdles for you to surmount.

First our Nick you have the difficult one! How do you extract the LibDems from the Coalition Government and those horrible Tories you hate? Do you pick a major fall out? Do you find a matter of principle that will please your activists and impress the voting public? A close relationship reaches a turning point, but you don’t want to slag-off David though, because you are going to need him to get the next job – never ‘shit on your own doorstep’ as the saying goes (or more politely ‘don’t burn your boats’). Be optimistic and maximise the maximum you are given by fate.

Someone is as hesitant as you can be about revealing their desires, so you must decide when do you announce the ‘trial’ separation? Are you going to keep the marriage going as promised to the bitter end of the ‘fixed term’ in May 2015 (dissolution end of March to be exact)? Our Nick, you can of course bring the Government down by supporting a motion of no confidence together with Labour (or even get together with another 433 MPs to call for an Election – then the general election date can be earlier and you can get the pain over with.

The weakening influence of Jupiter means that you may well NOT be going back to Government or even Parliament. Your Sheffield constituency may not return you if you stand in 2015 – although you have a 15 thousand majority, which may not be enough, as you will certainly, get a tough reception from the substantial student vote who feel very let down by LibDem false written pledge on fees.

Arrival of other planetary players will influence so you cannot look forward to being booted upstairs to the Lords – your failed attempt at its deep revision will ensure a very cold reception & unfriendly set of colleagues. However, all is not lost. The romance you crave may be finally experienced and with luck you can get appointed as an EU Commissioner, and then return to your first & true love; current appointees finish at the end of October 2014. But you need your boss to give you a portfolio there – that is why you must be careful in how you handle things. This move will streamline your life and mean less pressure to prove yourself.

Good luck then our Nick.

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