The Law and Justice at work – or a British fiasco continuing?

Michael Adebolajo, Michael Adebowale - Killers

Michael Adebolajo, Michael Adebowale – Killers

Grillo sisters, Nigella Lawson, Charles saatchi

Grillo sisters, Nigella Lawson, Charles Saatchi

We have just allowed two vile murderer, who ran over and then hacked to death an innocent off-duty soldier Lee Rigby on the London streets of Woolwich last May, to spend an enormous amount of our money and spend weeks of court time at the Old Bailey.These cretins were Christian raised converts to Islam. They were allowed to appoint legal teams milking the system, They were allowed a World platform to spout their savages’ extremist Islamic views. The judge told the Jury that their defence was invalid. Why then were they allowed to plead ‘not guilty’ in the first place? 

Like all such murderers and rapists and the like, they are all allowed to plead not guilty, so  torture their victims or relatives in open court – all at our expense! They have nothing to lose – the concept that someone found guilty after a not guilty plea can be given a harsher sentence doesn’t always apply does it? Certainly not in the case of these  two Muslim violent nut case killers.

Before anyone can be prosecuted in this country the CPS (post the Police investigation and presentation to them  of the evidence gathered) have to be satisfied that there is a realistic chance of conviction. Why is not a similar process invoked when the  then accused want to plead not guilty at public expense? It is a simple matter of whether they have a valid defence, that needs to be tested by a Jury, and if they also have a ‘realistic’ chance of acquittal, as adjudged by a suitable (new) organisation. If their lawyers are willing to work for a ‘no win no fee’ then fine! Why can’t these scum, with no chance of winning, have their day in a minor public court, at their own expense,  with proceedings not published or alternatively censored?

But it doesn’t even stop at the first Crown court does it? These disgusting creatures are then allowed to appeal again and again, all at more enormous expense to us all, while lining the pockets of their fellow travellers. We will then pay for them to try at the European Court (a joke place staffed by hoards of not legally trained people!). When that fails we will pay out a bit more for them to sue us for ‘inhumane’ treatment in prison (probably not enough booze or drugs), when all they themselves did was horrifically kill a number of people (including defenceless women) , or abduct and murder a child or children, or gang rape a dozen teenagers or so!

Just wait and see what British born, of Nigerian descent, Adebolajo & Adebowale get up to now at our expense, and to the further distress of Lee Rigby’s loved ones. At a time of austerity, it would be a good time to change things wouldn’t it?

Today, the two Italian Grillo sisters, Francesca & Elisabetta,  working here as PAs are innocent (of fraud) – so Nigella Lawson not on trial (and supposedly only a court prosecution witness!) is deemed guilty – but it is difficult to work out exactly what of though (and certainly ‘the system’ does not provide her with any opportunity to defend herself!).

The accused’s defence seems to be that they were given nearly three quarters of a million pounds through Lawson, for their silence over her alleged ten year drug dependency!. Sounds like ‘extortion’ or’ blackmail’ to ordinary folk, and since the Court Jury bought that story – despite the fact that it was only presented AFTER mega-rich Charles Saatchi & very-rich Nigella Lawson had an acrimonious public bust-up and marriage split then divorce? (All done over two months!). That being the accepted truth then (as decided by the Court), why weren’t the Grillo’s arrested on the steps coming out of the Crown Court, and charged with that criminal offence (a bit worse than fraud isn’t it?). It certainly would have made good television, and would have featured well in the subsequent film!

[Other countries, even America, don’t have these same problems – but Britain is a soft touch you see for the criminal fraternity And a life saver for the worse killers – no capital punishment here fellows. Any low life can come here, live here, whether illegal or not, be supported by the State, get many  women pregnant, rape, rob, or commit any other crime they like – knowing that when caught they can’t even be deported (their human rights would be infringed you see!)].


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