Christmas – here we go again!

/> It keeps coming every year Christmas (or Xmas as the lazy would have it!) – Always starting in the retailers at a ridiculously early time! If you ever go out shopping in the week before Christmas you are astonished at the activity, especially in the food supermarkets – you wait in the massive queues […]

The Law and Justice at work – or a British fiasco continuing?

We have just allowed two vile murderer, who ran over and then hacked to death an innocent off-duty soldier Lee Rigby on the London streets of Woolwich last May, to spend an enormous amount of our money and spend weeks of court time at the Old Bailey.These cretins were Christian raised converts to Islam. They were allowed […]

Red Wine at Christmas – get the best out of it!

In past times, even say 40 years ago, glass wine bottle closures were made of natural cork (preferred), but occasionally a synthetic cork (cheaper) came into use, and the really rubbish bottles of wine by a screw cap – the latter was a sign that the wine had been treated/sterilised to prevent the possibility of a […]

British Economy totally on the mend – 2013 Christmas cracker Joke!‏

Highwayman Osborne & his accomplices Cameron and Clegg! The Government is very boastful now about the state of the Economy. There has been a little growth, but nothing like that predicted or needed. Where is the money coming from now that funds this though? Not income or savings, oh no, but borrowed money of course! Not very […]

Hope and Despair – two sides of the same coin!

All my trials, Lord Hush little baby, don’t you cry You know your mama was bound to die All my trials, Lord, soon be over. The river of Jordan is muddy and cold Well it chills the body, but not the soul All my trials, Lord, soon be over. I’ve got a little book with […]

Mandela finally gone, well and dusted, so the South Africa saga over – don’t rely on it!

Well, we have had the Nelson Mandela (the beloved father of the Nation) memorial – attended by an unprecedented over one hundred world leaders. Why was that? Because they knew him? Because he was a friend? Because they had supported him? Because they loved him? NO. Because they hoped that some of his magic would […]

Is ‘Feminism’ Dead & Buried – if NOT while the Heck not?

Feminism has been around for many years (starting in the ninetieth century to fight legal inferiority), but is it an out-of-date philosophy in the 21st century? It is an ideology with many different facets. Basically though it is about females and movements that work to obtain women’s rights. Most men think that feminists are simple […]

Promiscuous Men and Women – they are Destroying our Society!

In the history of the human race (homo sapiens) it has been important that men and women join together in a single relationship (monogamy). Why is that? It is so they can support each other, live together, have children, and jointly support, nurture, and successfully bring up their family to adulthood. Many other creatures are […]

Programme for International Student Assessment

The latest results of worldwide international tests on a country’s academic performance have just been published for 2012(half a million fifteen year olds from some sixty five counties took part). It has been on the go for some 15 years and gets published every three years (parent organisation OECD Paris). China’s region has done well […]

Suicide on the Increase – how do we halt this Trend?

THE SAMARITANS It is a sad reflection on modern life that increasing numbers of people are now deliberately taking their own lives (at least one every minute) – in the worst cases they are taking someone with them, even children. Well over a million deaths a year worldwide, and in the top dozen causes of […]