Scottish Independence – get rid of the British Link?


Great Britain (not so great these days is it!) is facing another revolt by the Scots to throw us English out of their country. They have tried a number of times before, by armed insurrection, but they have always been squashed by English superior might and our ruthlessness. We have also been quite clever by employing Scots as part of our army and using their fearsome fighting qualities to massacre their own kind – how smart was that!

The Scots are trying again, but this time not using force and instead are using the infamous ballot box – they are being allowed by our politicians to hold a referendum throughout Scotland next year about breaking away from the UK – it is of course being organised by the Scottish National Party (SNP) – the ones running the so called Scottish Assembly (given to Scotland as a sop & failed pretence that they can have a real say in their lives!). The SNP, under First Minister Alex Salmon, have been making a good job of it though despite the brickbats, and are now making Scotland a quite different place to live in, with separate priorities, appropriate to their people, land and issues.

So will the Scots succeed this time round? DON’T bank on it! Once more the English will try to thwart them – and guess what? We will use the SNP’s fellow Scots in the process, just like in the past military battles! The anglicised Scots like UK’s ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown and our ex-Chancellor Alistair Darling (who is fronting the ‘Better Together’ campaign) will be some of the new hard-nosed and merciless peacetime troops this time round!

There will also be a massive English campaign to rubbish the Scots’ ability to run themselves and their own country, or survive in the modern world – despite the fact that many other independent counties are even smaller. It has started already with a so called ‘think tank’ saying they will be financially stuffed if they go it alone. What a load of bollocks – but it will scare the hell out of the average Scot (as intended).

You don’t have to be born in Scotland to realise that the past century’s fifty year old ambition and campaign for independence for Scotland was just. It is no credit to the Scots though that the bulk paid no attention, and many of them simply took the AI, the best road in Scotland (the road to England!), and settled down here, worked hard here, pretended they were English (but their accent gives them away!), and that exodus including their best footballers!.

Why do the Scots think that they get benefit from being ruled by England? Amazing! Westminster doesn’t give a hoot about Scotland does it? Oh yes, we claim we give them money to run their country – but they pay taxes don’t they, and then also for decades we steal all their assets, including their North Sea oil & gas (now running out), We have destroyed their fishing industry (as part of our ‘unsupported and unauthorised’ EU membership), closed their coal mines, as well as decimated their historic and fantastic ship building production. Scotland though provides a good parking space for our nuclear submarines, as well as a fantastic base for our fast jet fighter aircraft – so they can fly and train over other people’s towns and cities and not ours!. The English (the rich) can also enjoy shooting grouse birds for pleasure or (even richer) stalking and killing wild deer. The Highland mountains can also provide the English (a little bit rich) with a bit of skiing and climbing. They also have some beautiful lochs (lakes) including Loch Lomond – and the famous Loch Ness, home of its mythical sea Monster!

Bizarrely, the English (and any other nationality!) staying in Scotland will get a vote in the Scots’ separation Referendum, but NOT the Scots living in England! We others in England will NOT get a vote either on allowing the Scots to go their own way! That is UK democracy is it? The English don’t get a vote in our Parliament on any matters devolved to the Scots (or NI or Wales for that matter!) – but THEY all get to vote on ALL matters involving England alone. This conundrum was understood at the outset, but never addressed or ever resolved! (called the West Midlothian question – raised originally by Labour MP Tam Dalyell of that constituency) It is a strange world isn’t it!


[If you are a Scot in Scotland you need to have courage and vote for your future in that Referendum – whatever view that is, because you at last to get to have a say without dying for one or other side of the cause!}



A think tank is a pseudo shadowy organisation set up and funded by unknowns with a hidden secret agenda. Their outpourings are claimed to be based on their so called research – but proper scientific research is independently reviewed by peers (that is the rules). Yet despite the fact that this is never the case with think tank conclusions, their statements are promulgated as truth by all the media, including so called ‘respectable’ national  newspapers and our trusted BBCwhy the hell is that?

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