WARS – when is the next one? Bring it On. NOT!


Tomb of the Unknown Solder >>>>>WARNING – WARS MAY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH! >>>>>>WW1 1916

Well, we in Britain know all about Wars – we are a Country that has been in quite a few in our time. We started a very long time ago of course so we are good at it, and our records certainly go back over a thousand years on that one! In the olden ‘uncivilised’ days Wars were simply a part of everyday life. Being a fighting man, being in an army or navy, taking over other countries, stealing lands or goods, and killing other human beings, or being killed, was a sought after financial alternative to tilling the turf in Britain.

You don’t have to be an historian or a war correspondent to know a bit about War here. Most ordinary people in this Country realise that War is both a disgusting human pursuit, and a total waste of time to boot. The ones who take us to War never realise that though, so another one starts up almost as soon as the last one ends. We spend unbelievable sums of money on preparing for Wars, and then terrifying more amounts fighting them – the County’s wealth, and our population’s quality of life, is simply destroyed and goes down the pan.

To win a War of course our military forces have to behave in ghastly, sickening, and unhuman ways – which we all then ignore later and concentrate on the fact that we actually won. Oh yes, we claim we have won – but tell that to our millions of dead and injured, tell that to their grieving families, who will have their total lives blighted for the total length of their further existence; tell that to the innocent killed and maimed civilians including children (disgusting described and assigned to the artificial category of ‘collateral damage’!); tell that to the enemy annihilated combatants, their families, and friends. Oh yes, winning has an unbelievable price for all those involved (including the victors), and it has always been like that – nothing comes cheap in this life.

OK then, can we all become pacifists – people who don’t believe in fighting for their cause? Unfortunately not! Life is not like that. Yes regretfully we have to battle, however reluctantly, for our cause, but let’s not pretend that it is a commendable activity. The death and destruction we reap can only be answered later in front of our maker. We glorify in the battles where we can enter them with such superior might that it can be described as ‘overwhelming force’, or ‘shock & awe’. How sick is that? We live with it by ignoring the consequences of what we have done. That is life –reality. In WW2 the Germans bombed Britain – London, Coventry and some other of our cities. The Brits still remember that and are aghast at the destruction and consequences. What we don’t think about now, or remember, and brutally ignore, is that our Bomber Command airplanes knocked the shit out of many major cities in Germany, without concern that as well as their industrial might, we also massacred thousands of civilians, innocent men , women, and children, into the bargain – that is the hidden secrets of a sadistic War you see. We won of course so that makes it all right does it?

Well, since time immemorial, man (that term includes women of course!) has always invoked the power of his God or Allah in his War – man is convinced that his god will ensure his victory and confirm that his fight is just. History shows that this is simply a misplaced belief! The good guys don’t always win you see!

We had a bit of a War with the Romans – they occupied England for a while; then they got pissed off with our lack of culture, our cold and rainy climate, and our green barren land, so back to Italy they went (to the opposite, and the sunshine and their vineyards!). So what did we end up with? Some straight roads of course, and also Hadrian ’s Wall to keep the Scots out (fat good that was – they simply came down the A1 road in their millions and settled here, without stealing our sheep this time. If Scotland gets independence next year we could consider sending them all back!

Our current War is in Afghanistan – it is not our ‘latest’ War though, but it is still ongoing (since 2001 no less!). We are about to get out of it now combat wise anyway (next year 2014 they say). How did that War go? Well, we went in there (under NATO) saying that their country was a training ground and a haven for terrorist and that it presented a risk to the UK – so we would wipe them out. Wrong! Result then – a dozen years later? Many hundreds of deaths each year, about three and a half thousand troop lives lost altogether (mostly American, but going towards five hundred Brits), plus many many thousand of civilian deaths, and at a financial cost to us of nearly £40 billion. That country, after we leave, will again be a training ground and haven for terrorist that presents a risk to the UK! Can we then of course claimed to have at least left a democracy behind? Yep, one which is seeking to involve the ‘enemy’ (the Taleban evolved from the Islamic Al Qaeda terrorists organisation) in running the country when we go! This is hoped to stop ongoing the terrorist violence towards their own people – fat chance of that! The Taleban used to run the country with an iron fist – invoking an unacceptable extremist Islamic culture, killing opponents, and even destroying the country’s heritage, which they said was against their religious beliefs.

Well surely at least we were able, while we were there in this war, to put a stop to the illegal and destructive drug trade? We spend billions of pounds in our ‘failed’ so called ‘War against Drugs’ in Britain (ongoing since the 1970’s and failing miserably!). Such drugs and related crime are costing our society some fifteen billion pounds a year! Not only did we NOT stop it, but we allowed it to grow even further, prosper, and flourish (much greater even than under the Taliban) – Afghanistan is the LARGEST and greatest poppy grower in the entire world (since the early 1900s), producing over 90% of the world’s supply of the highly addictive opium illicit drug: It is also the biggest producer of the illegal drug cannabis (hashish) Well done all our Forces, and our Governments. How clever were we?

So what went wrong then in Afghanistan? Well, we started on a loser in the first place – the Russians were there before us (in the 1980s), and in the end simply gave up and went home (as we are doing now!) It was a country that they found was ‘ungovernable’ despite their massive military might and substantial loss of their solders’ lives!). When we went in (with the Americans naturally) we might have had a chance, but we then lost our focus and started even another (illegal?) War in Iraq as well (together again with the Americans) – thank you Tony Blair (Labour PM).

Since the end of the First World War, we have been giving our respect to, and remembering, our War dead through an annual Remembrance saga – Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day (at 11 o’clock on the 11th hour of the 11th day, and a minutes silence at that time  – to coincide with the actual time of the cessation of all hostilities). WWI is bizarrely called the ‘Great War’ – yep really great, with millions killed on all sides (30 million deaths or casualties and another ten million lives destroyed). Did we learn anything from that War, that victory? Of course NOT! We simply created a situation resulting in the Second World War – where even more people died on all sides (some sixty million people; the deadliest military conflict in history).

Why did Britain fight these two World Wars? To protect our freedom, our way of life, our assets, and to avoid our domination by foreigners. Was it worth it? You decide. Now in Britain we own NOTHING. Past Kings & Queens had given away all our land to their mates. Since the Wars, we have simply sold off all our other major assets to foreigners – see they didn’t have to fight us, just pay us some money! It’s called ‘selling the family silver’. They own large amounts of our land and houses and cities, they own our water companies, they own our electricity companies, they own our gas companies, they own our oil companies, they own our car industry, they own our defunct coal industry, they own our equally defunct steel industry, they own our electronics industry, they own our banks, as a maritime nation our major ships have to be built abroad now, as do our buses and trains, they even own our airports, they own our newspapers and satellite TV, and we  now can’t still even feed ourselves (50% or more of our food is imported – we can no longer self sufficient as a Country!). Well, at least we have political control over our own Country? WRONG! We can pass whatever laws we like, but in the end the ultimate authority is in the hands of the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union in Brussels! Do we control our freedom then? Oh no, we are governed by the EU human rights policy – this allows all and sundry foreigners, criminals, rapists, murders, terrorists etc to live, stay, and have a family life in Britain at our expense on benefits! Ah well, at least we control who come here or who settles here. Don’t bank on it. Being in the EU (none of us ever got a vote on that one did we – even those who survived the Wars!) we have to allow anyone from some 30 other states (population about five hundred million) free entry and access to ALL our taxpayers facilities (hospitals & welfare etc), although they haven’t paid a penny in and their country can’t reciprocate!.

We had the Korean War of course after WW2 (1950 for three years), and another thousand Brits dead and others maimed. How did that work out then? Half the Island is still under a communist dictatorship, trying to become a nuclear power and still threatening it neighbours and world peace. Not much of a result then from that War was there?

What about the Iraq War then [the 2nd Gulf War – the 1st was in 1990- 91]? Well, we went in there in 2003, and suffered about two hundred deaths, to dispose of President Saddam Hussein and his regimes arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately he didn’t have any such weapons! He ran his country vilely killing all those who opposed him or presented a threat. We killed many Arabs in the process of that War (certainly fifty thousand civilians also lost their lives during the conflict, which lasting nine years); the UK spent nearly five billion pounds, and we generated an undying hatred of the West and our values as a consequence. The US forces finally left in 2011. What legacy did we all leave then? A stable democracy and a peaceful land? You must be joking. What previously was a secure, though oppressed country is now a violent society with almost daily suicide bombings, killing hundreds more of their innocent population.

We recently wanted to start a new War with Syria to stop their civil War, but we backed off at the last minute – so their rulers can carry on for now massacring their own people ad infinitum. [the UN is supposed to stop things like that and police the world, but like its predecessors it is now an ineffective and useless spent force – individual countries like the USA & Britain then think they have to act unilaterally]. Iran is also on the War agenda, because they too want to acquire nuclear weapons capability, to blow the world to smithereens – War might be avoided if they can be reined in though.

We can go to War with any country in the world, even America–except Israel of course. The Arabs are fair game but NOT the Jews. Israel can flaunt international law with impunity, they can ignore the United Nations, they can acquire nuclear weapons or chemical weapons or any other weapon of mass destruction, they can have whatever military might they desire, they can occupy and colonise any other peoples’ counties who they see as a threat, and oppress all their populations indefinitely, they can spy anywhere and in all counties they like, and steal state secrets as well as any commercially valuable information, they can assassinate anyone in the world they like who they see as an opponent (except perhaps the President of the USA). Why is this? They are Jews you see – they suffered the holocaust in WW2 when the Nazi’s tried and failed to wife them out in Germany and the other countries they had occupied. So now we have to pity their race, look after them, indulge their behaviour, and give them carte blanche in every area.

So the bottom line is that it is only a matter of time before we are involved in another meaningless and worthless War –one way certainly of keeping the world’s population down, if global warming, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis’, volcanoes, and tornadoes don’t do the trick!

Enjoy the next War – it is certainly coming, you watch

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