British Newspapers – a plague on all your houses!

newspaper_bwpaperboyThe British national Newspapers are squealing like stuck pigs! Why? Because they claim that the freedom of the Press has been destroyed by bringing in a Royal Charter, which is designed to reign in some of their excesses of bad behaviour.

There is a saying that’ if you abuse freedom you will lose it’! That is where the newspapers have got to big time.

For decade after decade after decade the Press has got away with disgraceful conduct in what they publish, and how they treat people, totally ignoring any public or community responsibility, or care. Why is this? It is because newspaper Owners, Editors, and Staff don’t give a hoot about truth, right & wrong, or other people. All they care about is power, selling newspapers, and profit. They judge themselves, not by what good they do, not by what exposure to wrong doing they can publicise, not by informing their readers on what is happening in the country or the world, but by what ‘scoop’ they can claim (most of these are simply exaggerated or false – so called ‘exclusives’, which are anything but!). Did their obscene & misleading headlines sell papers? Yes, so to hell with the consequences for others! If Newsmen get find out about their lies, published on the front page together with an inside extensive ‘exclusive’, they get so called punished by the Press Complaints Committee (PPC) – a voluntary body and NOT very independent as they are funded by the newspapers, as it is run by Editors and their press cronies! The PCC has NO legal powers to boot. Such chastisement to newspapers from the IPPC comes in the form of being told to print a “retraction” – the newspaper is happy to do this (a mere paragraph on page 18 suffices! The money they have made is already in the bank!).

The law allows people to take newspaper to court for misrepresentation or libel – the only problem is that only the richest in society can go that route; the Newspapers have shed loads of money, top unbelievable expensive layers, and vast experience in defending themselves – not many average citizens of this country have the odd quarter of a million pounds to invest in a court case (so justice is denied)!

Oh don’t worry, the Press bad behaviour is not a modern phenomena – oh no, the Press have got history! They have been causing controversy since they started-up in the early sixteen hundreds! A lot of our Newspapers got going as long ago as the 1800s. In the twentieth century we suffered the likes of Lord (did you notice that title?) Beaverbrook who as a press baron controlled the Express Newspaper group with an iron fist – whatever he wanted got published!

Eighty odd years ago we had PM Stanley Baldwin’s personal assessment of the British Press barons – he said they had “power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages”. So you can see there has been no change over time!

One of the worst things about our British Newspapers is their ownership. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can buy and own a British Newspaper – all you have to have is the readies. Any loose megalomaniac can get in and take over a national Newspaper here – often at a time when it is in the doldrums, because of poor circulation or a drop off in advertising (so if you are a billionaire with a lust for control and power, you can step in, save jobs, and be treated with respect and as a hero – even if you have made your money by disgusting or devious means!).  Incredibly, inconceivably, and incomprehensively, foreign nationals can, and DO, own our Newspapers. This gives them immense POWER of course, as it provides them with a platform to communicate their views, however obscure, to millions of British people. They don’t have to act respectfully, responsibly, or ever care about their readers, or their views, or interests, or anyone else for that matter! WHY DO WE ALLOW THIS?

[Sun circulation some two & half million & Times three quarters of a million (all owned by Australian Murdock); Mail nearly two million; Mirror one million; Telegraph one half million; Express over half a million; Independent & iPaper a hundred thousand & Evening Standard three quarters of a million (all owned by a Russian national, and ex KGB agent Alexander Lebedev.

All UK  Newspapers circulation figures are falling like a stone – about a third this century. Why is that? Because the industry is in its death throes – despite large runs through modern technology, and low prices, they are being overthrown by other media outlets such as the internet – no more reign of the ‘defunct’ News of The World at eight million sales on the 1950s!].

Oh but it is not just the big fish, or the rich and famous, who suffer from the vile attentions of the Press – it can be any of us, who happen through no fault of our own to become of interest to the Newspapers (like the family of Milly Dowler who was murdered and had her phone tapped to attempt to simply build a story).

The long standing example of external media influence in the UK is of course Rupert Murdock head of News International – an Australian who started to control our major national newspapers some 45 years ago. It was his most popular national paper that boasted “It was the Sun that won it” after the 1982 election (a very unexpected Tory win). You see newspapers are allowed to campaign for their preferred party all the way up to voting day. WHY IS THAT ALLOWED? He also runs Sky TV.

Does it come as a total surprise to you that the majority of British Newspapers support the Conservative party – the home of big business and self centred egoist individuals? When some half of the population votes Labour or Other Parties, why do we have a Press that is so Tory? Not difficult to guess!

Who owns the so called “Independent” and its associated “i Paper”? A Russian of course! Who now owns the London Standard, the long standing, massive London evening paper – ah well the same Russian. You don’t have to question foreigners’ source of wealth, and agenda, or political views, to question why the hell are they in such news generating powerful & positions of influence in our own little country, do you?

So called “Investigatory Journalism” is in reality NOTHING to do with uncovering scandals – it is ALL about selling Newspapers! That is not to say that there has not been invaluable disclosures, but these were only the secondary concern, as the prime Press motivation is to reveal titillating xxx and xxx information – some which can be very damaging to our society. How can the recent guardian ‘exclusive’ revelations about our security organisations be described as investigatory journalism? It is simply jumping on a bandwagon and using stolen information from untrustworthy cretin and crook, that all thinkers agree is damaging to our security & safety, and gives a massive boost to the evil terrorists, who are determined to wipe-out our society in the name of their religion!

There is a case currently ongoing in the High Court in London involving two ex-Editors of the Sun Newspaper, and various other defendants. Whether they will be found guilty or not is a moot point, but what is totally ‘shocking’ is their defence that while criminal activity was going on ‘under their watch’, they didn’t actually know about it or approve it – despite massive payments being sanctioned to the miscreants! These two Editors were paid an enormous amount of money to do an executive job, but now claim they didn’t have it under control! How believable is that? [Of course these two are also personal friends of the Prime Minister David Cameron – so how do you rate his judgment on that?]

All the big boys in our national press employ are army of lawyers and consult them on a daily basis – not to establish if their big stories are right and proper or fair, but if they can get away with it!

[“A plague on your houses” Romeo and Juliet’ 1592 (feuding between the families causing unbearable anguish to Romeo’s wife Juliet)].

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