Exercise MUST be bad for you – that’s why we don’t do it, is it?

In the early days of the 20th Century there was only one way of getting about for the average person – shanks’ pony (walking! Shanks are part of the leg below the knee). The better off might have been able to get a bike, and the lords & ladies of course had their horses (& […]

Women in UK Politics – – where the hell are they?

Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison (who died under the King’s horse at Epsom 1913 It will come to no surprise to British people to be told that women’s representation in Politics is massively unrepresented. Why is that? Is it because they are no good, not clever enough, aren’t intelligent enough, are too lazy, or can’t […]

Fear Fear Fear! What is ‘YOUR’ real Fear?

In British writer George Orwell’s classic book 1984 (published in the 1949) it is postulated that everyone has a secret fear – something that strikes sheer terror into the sole of their heart! In the book this fact is used by uncovering what that fear is – and then using it to torture the individual! […]

Children – do they Ever ‘really’ leave Home?

You see, when you are lucky enough to get babies; you look after them, nourish them, clothe them, care for them, and protect them to the best of your ability. As they grow into young children you cherish them, concentrate on their development and deliberate and argue over their education. You are scared leaving them […]

Scottish Independence – get rid of the British Link?

Great Britain (not so great these days is it!) is facing another revolt by the Scots to throw us English out of their country. They have tried a number of times before, by armed insurrection, but they have always been squashed by English superior might and our ruthlessness. We have also been quite clever by […]

Learn another Language? ‘Dream-On’, if you are British!

China Why is it that the British, particularly the English, can never learn the language of another country – even those of our close neighbours across the Chanel? Is it because, unlike other nations, our people are totally incompetent brain-wise when it comes to uttering different sounds? Is it because English brains are full up […]

War is Always with Us – a favourite emotional Poem ‘Casabianca’

Felicia Hemans Picture “The Destruction of L’Orient at the Battle of the Nile” George Arnald, 1827, National Maritime Museum, in Greenwich, London, England In about eighteen hundred there was a critical and major naval sea battle in the Mediterranean (the battle of the Nile – between English and French forces) with a youngster named Giocante […]

Some ‘Home Truths’ about Life – things our Kids don’t know, or ever learn in School

Bill Gates reportedly gave a speech in a school about things that aren’t taught, and how ‘feel good’ and overboard ‘non-offending’ teachings have created a generation of children with no concept of reality, which then sets them up for failure in the real world ahead! These rules hit the nail on the head for many […]

Cheating Sportsmen and Criminals – Two Sides of the Same Coin!

In every society you get cheats, big cheats and small cheats – men & women who won’t follow the rules their culture and fellow human beings adhere to. Why is this? It is because they are determined to place their self-interest above all else, and above everyone else. These cheats hit us from all walks of […]

Philippines Typhoon – What a Shambles

tTyphoons in the Phillippines and what they can do to that Country! Another international disaster has occurred  – this time in the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan has caused mayhem, certainly killed many thousands, and made hundreds of thousands more homeless and destitute. This was another cruel result of nature at its most powerful. Like most people […]