Tory LibDem Government ministerial Reshuffle/Labour Shadow-Minister Reshuffle – beats the Comedy Show any day!

Government Ministers? Shaddow Ministers? Bet you couldn’t wait for this BIG event! Bet you couldn’t sleep the night before in anticipation!  The Conservative led Coalition Government was first to play this game of musical chairs (Monday October 7, 2013). Cameron has put-off such a reshuffle a number of times in the past! It is when […]

Women wearing the Hijab in Britain – is it time to take a stand?

Jermaine Lindsay blew up 26 innocent people on 7 July 2005 on the London tube Muslim woman modestly dressed Muslim woman in hijab The inborn British society is uniquely tolerant to other cultures. Rightly or wrongly we have embraced the concept of a multi-cultural community (unlike most other countries). We have absorbed immigration from many […]

Royal Mail – another Tory Privatisation Disaster is on the Way

Penny Black – the World’s First Postage Stamp>>Old syle sorting office (Mount pleasant 1934 – now modern & the biggest Sorting Office in the World!) When it comes to the privatisation of our Public Assets, it is always the Conservatives that take the biscuit. They have screwed-up this Country time and time again. They dream […]