Global Warming! Do you Believe It? Is the World Flat?


The effects of global climate change and global warming is being felt by people all round the World – we witness many extreme weather events.

 Overwhelming bush fires are currently raging in South East Australia’s Blue Mountains, due to unexpected & unprecedented warm weather, in spring well before the summer (hundreds of homes have burnt down, livestock killed, wildlife annihilated, cars destroyed, etc! There is now a towering two hundred mile wall of fire, fuelled by high winds, hurtling towards Sydney, devouring all in its way,

 Massive Tornados are hitting coastlines around the World with at least a hundred deaths worldwide – America 566 tornadoes so far in 2013 (causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage), Bangladesh, India, China, Turkey, Canada, etc; even mini ones hitting the UK, for example at Hayling Island, near Portsmouth on the South coast- a barrage of wind uprooting trees and flattening telegraph poles, and damaging more than a hundred homes, caravans, and other structures).

 Unusual amounts of gusting wind, rainfall, flash floods, all causing massive land flooding in many countries of the World (including Britain of course). Storms galore, and seas pounding shores, smashing down the inadequate sea defences in Britain, and eroding the remaining cliffs – we are going to lose a lot of land to the sea in future years.

 Where are we all going to live? How are we going to grow enough food in the future? Where are our cattle going to graze? [if you believe that the pressures of high and sometimes over population are serious now, just wait for the future – you can expect a reversal to tribal like violence and community confrontation –even across continents).

 A colossal amount of sea ice is still melting at the North Pole, and as this continues and global temperature rises, we are going to sea water levels rising even quicker everywhere and swamping land around the World that we are living on now.

 A substantial & significant report on climate change was prepared and issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) recently – bet most people didn’t bother to read newspaper reports or pay attention to media coverage! Did YOU? It is an issue that effects the survival of mankind! The survival of your family – not you yourself of course, but your children’s children. We are instinctually programmed as the human race, as well as our animal co inhabitants of the World, and even by plant life and all other forms of life, to promulgate survival of our species. Things are not going well in that respect are they!

 This United Nations’ comprehensive account of the dramatic and the unprecedented escalation of global warming since the 1950s, concludes, for the fifth time, that world’s scientists are certain that we have caused all this turmoil (well, they say ninety five percent sure & that is most compelling in such an area of uncertainty!).

 Having analysed the mechanics of global warming it concludes that we MUST halt the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides. We are responsible for a minimum of half of the temperature increases detected, and it is suspected that a lot of heat is going into the deep oceans (where we can’t currently measure it).

 [Report THE IPCC FIFTH ASSESSMENT REPORT (AR5), CLIMATE CHANGE 2013: THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE BASIS was prepared over five years by some two hundred top world scientists in working groups and task forces, and finally reviewed by governments in Stockholm, Sweden before publication. Inception of the IPPC was in 1988 and this 5th Report will be released in 4 parts over the next year. It will be the most comprehensive assessment of scientific knowledge on climate change since 2007 when the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) was released].

 Yes we might all get wiped out by a colossal meteor hit (like suggested for the demise of the dinosaurs), or the Sun blowing up – but let’s not do it by simply causing climate change and altering the ecosystems that the World (on both land and water) rely on and have evolved into over the many billions of years the World has been in existence & since the start of life (or for that matter destroy ourselves by the abuse of our basic knowledge of nuclear power!).

 So despite all the scientific evidence, we still have amongst us those who are in denial – those who insists that ‘nothing is wrong’ and that we should carry on as before burning the fossil fuels (like oil & coal), which mainly have caused this crisis. These sceptics (mostly amateurs and politically driven individuals) want to deny the science and say that it is normal global temperature oscillation – wishful thinking! There are ALWAYS of course the strident doubters & disbelievers on any situation or any hypothesis.

 We had those who refused to accept that the World was round, despite evidence of the curvature – an idea started by Pythagoras as early as the 6thcentury BC, and subsequently accepted by Socrates around 300BC – so they very active in the 1800’s, and who asserted that their modern astronomy was inconsistent and against the scriptures – God had always to be involved in these disputes! The ‘Flat Earth Society ‘itself has only been around for half a century (and was started in England before moving to America – sorry Englanders) – one hadn’t seen Earth from space in those days of course, but we did shortly afterwards!). It might come as a surprise to many of us that there are still some ‘flat earthers’ in modern times!

 We even had in England an idiot doctor (a Andrew Wakefield), who caused worldwide mayhem by claiming in 1998 that the MMR vaccine inoculation for kids was defective and caused autism – resulting in many UK children not having the injections (more than twenty percent in London!) and large sections of the child population being left unprotected, and all the rest put at risk (no herd immunity) – all based on flawed data & fraudulent research, and going against all other scientific evidence and medical opinion; but then of course Wakefield got struck-off in 2011 when it all came out! [There were significant outbreaks in UK of measles and mumps].

 The Italian Galileo (a grandfather of astronomy & science) was ridiculed, pilloried and banged up in ancient times (by the Church of course – convicted of heresy by the Inquisition in the sixteen hundreds) for working out that the World went round the Sun in the universe and not the other way round (they locked him up until he recanted and then he spent the rest of his life under house arrest – but he did some invaluable scientific writing there!).

 In Britain we had women (and men) burned at the stake as witches or for practising witchcraft or heresy – yes the Church was at it again! Spain in the fifteenth century was particularly involved in witch hunts and they killed thousands at the stake! The French (under English manipulation) even did away with Joan of Arc ‘The Maid of Orleans’ at the tender age of nineteen (1431). We in England (eleven men & two women in Stratford 1556 for being Protestants), Scotland (George Wishart 1546 for preaching against the Pope), Wales (Robert Ferrar in 1556 a Bishop accused of violation of chastity), and Ireland (William Riddell 1324 witchcraft) as a few examples – there were many other counties participating in such killings of dissenters or those seen as different or not fitting in – many innocent!), including surprisingly America!

 [No one is likely to be executed or punished for rejecting the view that Global Warming as being caused predominately by us humans – so don’t worry if you are in that camp!].

 All of us, or at least those of us with families who care about the survival of mankind, embrace the fact that we have unwittingly spent decades (particularly since the UK Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century), steadily destroying our habitat and living environment AND WORLDWIDE WE HAVE TO STOP!

 Many people want to hide behind a view that ‘what difference can I make’ against the rest of the World not caring. Well, individually we can only do a little, but all together we can make a leading contribution, and drag all the others with us along the path!

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