‘Save the Children’ – what about ‘Stop the Childen’?

300px-Save_the_Children_logo_svgwherwework_minimapWhere they work

A major TV advertising campaign is underway in some regions of the UK on behalf of the charity ‘Save the Children’ – it is showing graphically upsetting heart breaking pictures of emaciated children who are suffering from starvation & illness, and the charity is asking people to donate £2 a month to save a child’s life. We ALL need to do that surely? Please.Do another seven million children have to die this year?

The claim is that the charity will install an infrastructure to sustain the population. This will never work however unless the women in these places stop having babies. In various places in the world people live in suspect & dangerous situations – like next to volcanoes (because the land is fertile), or on coastlines subject to tornadoes or worse (because they can survive well there and most of the time are safe), or they populate areas known to be subject to earthquakes, in locations like California or Iran or Italy or Indonesia, etc (because even in America they don’t really know the danger they are in),or in areas sunbject to bush fires like Australia (because they think the authorities can keep them safe), or they live in lands that can’t feed the population and have shed loads of children (because that is their way of life). However, we frequently hear of catastrophes in such places – and the rest of the world is galvanised to provide immergency support with resources, materials, and food to help them (and no harm in that).

In the distant past, many women in the UK had loads of kids (12 was not that uncommon), for the same reason as those abroad now – infant mortality. These days that has all changed, so the only women having big families are those on state benefits, because inexcusably we pay more & more money the more they have – and give then give them even bigger houses into the bargain).

Despite austerity, we in the UK remain a rich country by comparison with the countries in such dire trouble. It is only right and proper that we all support the international charities in their quest to help some of those impoverished peoples in trouble. We are after all a caring nation at heart.

That said, we need those with the power and influence to do something urgently about women having so many kids – not least because of the communities that can’t sustain themselves, or places that can’t cope with their dangerous environment, but because the world population is growing at an unacceptable rapid rate (a thirty percent increase in the last 20 years alone – it will soon reach a population that this world cannot sustain) – the chances of shipping people out to other planets remains something of our dreams! Human population has already passed seven billion and is said to be heading towards eleven billion – we are all massively overpopulating this planet!

So what can be done? Education and information to women (and their men)? Free condoms for men and coils fitted for women? Free and compulsory female contraception? Sterilisation for men or women after a certain number of babies? Or WHAT?

Something HAS to be done though – not by us as individuals but by the international organisations (to save the world).

[Can you not afford to donate the £2 per month? Really?]

Postscript: The Save the Children Charity started for the first time (last year 2012) to support needy British families. This is a bit of a controversial development as many people think that this is inappropriate, and that in a welfare state society, boosted by other charities (including food banks), energy shouldn’t be expended in this way, and that the overseas locations should have remained the focus. However the Charity is funding that new aspect separately and raising money specifically for it – so NONE of the income raised for Save the Children will be diverted and will remain to be for the poorest countries.

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