The Six Year Search for Madeleine McCann – a Breakthrough at Last?

efit1e-fits of people of interest to Police
270px-Madeleine_McCann,_aged_three_and_(age-progressed)_nineMaddie 3 yrs and now possibly?

Only a parent can understand the pain and ordeal suffered when something is wrong or something adverse happens to a child. The younger the child the deeper the pain.

Only a mother can feel the enormity and panic experienced when their child is suffering.

Our hearts therefore shed a tear for Kate & Gerry McCann, the mum & dad of the little three year old girl Maddie, who was stolen from them six years ago in Portugal. She was taken on May 3 2007, from a holiday apartment at the Ocean Club, in the resort of Praia de Lux. Their resilience over those years, through so many setbacks and trials & tribulations, is nothing short of amazing. They deserve a medal (and everyone’s support).

The toll on Kate particularly is etched all over her face now. In that time they together as parents have had to look to their other two younger twin children (now seven years old), as well as raise money, employ Private Investigators, and tirelessly campaign for the search for their abducted daughter to be continued.

These parents also had to endure the trauma of an astonishingly flawed police investigation, which added insult to injury, by not only disbelieving and ignoring their explanation of what had happened that night, when Madeleine was surreptitiously sneaked & secreted away from their holiday apartment, but also by insisting that the McCanns themselves were implicated in the disappearance – and the Police named them both official ‘suspects’.

The basic mindset of the original police officers investigating the case was obsessively coloured by the fact that in ‘most’ child violence cases it is a relative that is involved – so they simply relied on that statistic at the exclusion of reality.

The Portuguese Police investigation had quickly stalled, and got nowhere fast – it was abandoned after a year!

The original Portuguese chief detective in charge of the investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, was subsequently sacked in 2007 after making newspaper comments on the case. But he then was still allowed to write a book about the case (in 2008), which apparently claimed Madeleine was dead & accused the McCanns of involvement– and is now subject to a £1million legal action by them for defamation (being held in Lisbon, Portugal currently)! The case is almost certain to irritate the Portuguese, who desperately want rid of the McCanns and the adverse publicity (finding Madeleine is not their priority unfortunately). Whether or not the McCanns can get justice from a judge in a Portuguese court is a moot point!

Amaral was convicted of perjury in 2009 for falsifying documents in another previous case – also involving a missing girl and said to be murdered (eight years old).

Despite the fact that this child abduction became an international story within a day or two, the Portuguese authorities took little effective action – and in the eyes of many tried to sweep the issue under the carpet to protect their critical tourist industry – bad publicity of this nature couldn’t be tolerated!

Last year the McCanns petitioned the British Government for help, and against all the odds they got a result! Home Secretary, Teresa May MP involved the British Police – you don’t have to be a Tory to recognise that she would be a great Prime Minister (but she will never get the chance!). The Police have put a lot of backbone into the task in hand.

Over the past week or more there has been a media frenzy and intense speculation on how the search for this little girl was progressing (as usual the tabloid papers have been a bit naughty – even suggesting that arrests were imminent). The catalyst for this interest was a planned BBC1 TV Crimewatch programme (broadcast Monday 14 October 2013), which highlighted the abduction and appealed for information and public help in solving the case. It also presented the latest information from the British Police on their investigation into the felony.

The British Police have of course no jurisdiction in Portugal. However the UK Government put political & moral pressure on their authorities and so secured agreement for the British Police to take over the now defunct investigation!

Despite their incompetence, nevertheless, the Portuguese had amassed a colossal amount of information (to their credit). The problem was that they didn’t do anything with it, or didn’t know how to! The British police started out to reanalyse and re-evaluated all the information – keeping an open mind, and not being restricted by previous conclusions. Then they re-interviewed people of interest.

A major breakthrough was the discovery by the British Police that the original ‘suspected abductor’ (seen carrying a child) was in fact identified as an innocent British father (collecting his child from a local crèche, probably an hour before the actual kidnap!).

The British Police therefore altered the whole ‘timeline’ associated with the abduction, as they suspect that earlier events that evening – indicating a pre-planned seizure – may be more significant, and that the abduction was actually much later than when the Portuguese had determined!

It has also been established that there had been a spate of burglaries of holiday apartments in the Town previously (& even in the McCann’s building)– a situation almost certainly deliberately hidden by the authorities to protect the image of the Town’s tourist industry. This lack of information probably led the McCanns (and their seven friends in similar apartments) into the false belief that it was safe to leave their young children for short times in apartments on their own. [Kate & Gerry were loving and responsible parents – both medical doctors]

Two unpublished e-fits of someone of interest to the Police have now been issued – the Portuguese had failed to publish these at the time, as they had solely concentrated on the ‘other’ male suspect now eliminated (4 years have been lost!).

Over a thousand people have responded to the Crimewatch programme, and the Police say they have had an overwhelming and better than expected response; they are now prioritising the material gathered – indeed there is some optimism now and there may be a breakthrough after all!

[Someone in some country in the world apart from the perpetrator knows what happened to Madeleine! Someone in some country in the world apart from the perpetrator suspects they know what happened to Madeleine! Someone in some country in the world apart from the perpetrator unknowingly saw a little about what happened to Madeleine! If that is you or could be you just tell the British Police or your Local police, or Crimewatch (phone 0500 600 600) – so her mum & dad can get her back home with her family. Also, if you were in the Algarve resort of Praia de Lux on May 3 2007, just let the Police know].

If you have a religion please pray to your own God for the McCanns & their daughter. If not please use your personal power as a human being to help her and her parents,

[Crimewatch is a UK TV programme that through reconstruction, tries to jog people’s memories about major ‘unsolved’ crimes – it has been around for 30 years, and in that time has helped collar hundreds of criminals including murders, rapists, and others (the concept was part borrowed from German TV)]. The Police are deeply involved with the programme and provide much support to it].

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