Tory LibDem Government ministerial Reshuffle/Labour Shadow-Minister Reshuffle – beats the Comedy Show any day!

shaddow ministersShaddow Ministers?

Bet you couldn’t wait for this BIG event! Bet you couldn’t sleep the night before in anticipation!

 The Conservative led Coalition Government was first to play this game of musical chairs (Monday October 7, 2013). Cameron has put-off such a reshuffle a number of times in the past! It is when some 120 government ministers (or some of the expectant 650 MP’s!) find out if they have been ‘fired’ (via a ‘Dear John’ phone call), or ‘hired’ or ‘promoted’(via an invitation to meet the PM David Cameron), or be even ‘retained’ in their job (no news being good news!), or ‘overlooked’ once again! It is difficult to know who to feel most sorry for.

 It is reported that Cameron is desperate to bring in some Women & Northerners as neither currently support him and won’t vote for him!

 This was all about ‘junior’ ministers this time – the big boys in the Cabinet will get their day of chagrin in a years time, it is predicted (to get ready for the General Election). These are all people that you have never heard of and are unlikely to hear of again!

 Here are some interesting ones:-

 </One of them apparently fell on her sword – Chloe Smith, who in 2007 was the youngest MP to get into parliament (only 27 years old) and at 29 years became the youngest minister, and served in the treasury first as Economic Secretary (it is said that she was appointed by mistake when Cameron ‘thought’ that she was financially trained as an accountant – as she had worked at a major financial corporation, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu! (in fact she was a management consultant for them and her degree from York was in English Literature!). Anyway (after she was badly mauled in 2011 by Paxman on Newsnight!) she was moved and became Cabinet Office Minister, but now says she wants out to concentrate on her Constituency, but one never knows the truth in such cases (Was she pushed? It will come out in time no doubt!).

Michael Moore is surprisingly sacked as Scottish Secretary (despite a reputation of having done a good job in dealing with the SNP regarding independence) and is replaced by Alistair Carmichael (a comrade LibDem, and previously a government Whip; Nick Clegg was definitely involved in that sacking! – heard of either of these ministers though?

Deputy Chief Whip John Randal has also quit (at least he is a genuine man of principle who resigned previously as a whip because he didn’t agree with the Iraq war!). Why he has gone we don’t know yet – but it is suggested that perhaps his beard didn’t fit in!

 Labour’s Leader Ed Miliband went for a Shadow Cabinet shake up on the same day as Cameron did his bit – it can’t be a coincidence, and it is a bit wacky (one of these two guys tried to upstage the other – no doubt someone will spill the beans later on which one pulled their silly diversion forward!), and it is a worry that these two run or want to run the Country!

Don’t be bothered though, Labour’s reshuffle was just as boring – neither they nor the Tory’s grabbed the Front Pages or the Headlines!

Labour has though now got a fairly equal balance in the Shadow Cabinet between men & women (Cameron will be well sick!).

Ed continued his strategy of distancing himself from the ‘disowned’ Tony Blair (and his pseudo conservative administration!), and has ruthlessly got rid of some old guard so-called Blairites (denied naturally!) – Liam Byrne (Work & Pensions) was demoted (Education) to be superseded by the quickly promoted (from being Ed Ball’s deputy) Rachel Reeve;, Steven Twigg moved (Education to Justice) and replaced by Tristram Hunt an historian known as an ‘uber-Blairite’; Jim Murphy also moved (Defence to Intn Development) and overtaken by Vernon Coaker (ex NI) who makes a big jump, she was an ex-teacher and previously a Labour government minister; ; Mary Creagh (Transport ) ousts Maria Eagle (who may have gone in light of being a strong supporter of the ‘suspect’ HS2!).

Amongst other changes were the reportedly ‘hard working’, and one of the experienced 2010 intake, who returned to the Commons having previously been an MP & minister Chris Leslie (Treasury Chief Secretary); Ivan Lewis (NI) a previous government minister under Blair & Brown; Emma Reynolds (Housing) one of the bright new girls’ intake of 2010 (with an impressive track record!); Gloria De Piero ex TV political correspondent (Equalities Cabinet spokeperson).
The one satisfying think that Miliband did was to finally ditch the annoying, loudmouth, self publicist, maverick, ignorant, make-believe socialist, Diane Abbott (Health) – she only got a Shadow job because she had the gall to stand for the leadership (when she has a snowball in Hell’s chance!). The fact that she as a Londoner, was the first black women to get elected as an MP (1987), doesn’t excuse the poor choices and scrapes she has got into. The only memorable contribution she has made is her comment about David Cameron and Nick Clegg, calling them “two posh white boys from the Home Counties” (2010) [Dadman007 even wrote to Miliband three years ago telling him her appointment was farcical].

[Predictably the Tory’s criticised Labour’s changes and Labour rubbished those of the Coalition!
The rest of us just were bored out of our box and had a good night’s sleep!.]

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