FREE Schools – another fiasco being played out by our Politicians!

A new Free School>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eton 1914 style The idea of the so called Free Schools is that local groups of parents or other groups could set up a ‘private’ type school to improve the education of their children – an idea championed by Education Secretary Michael Grove. In the past three years the Tories through the […]

Global Warming! Do you Believe It? Is the World Flat?

The effects of global climate change and global warming is being felt by people all round the World – we witness many extreme weather events.  Overwhelming bush fires are currently raging in South East Australia’s Blue Mountains, due to unexpected & unprecedented warm weather, in spring well before the summer (hundreds of homes have burnt […]

The Plebgate Affair – should we be dreadfully worried?

Only the saddos amongst us in the UK will know much about the plebgate affair! It is one of those events and topics which send the bulk of the sane population into a self induced coma. But should we really be a bit more concerned? Perhaps so!  The so called plebgate affair is a newspaper […]

‘Save the Children’ – what about ‘Stop the Childen’?

Where they work A major TV advertising campaign is underway in some regions of the UK on behalf of the charity ‘Save the Children’ – it is showing graphically upsetting heart breaking pictures of emaciated children who are suffering from starvation & illness, and the charity is asking people to donate £2 a month to […]

Royal Mail – the ‘Sell-off’ was a ‘Sell-out’ by the latest Conservative bigots

Nadine Dorries Conservative MP, said the PM Cameron and his Chancellor Osborn were “two arrogant posh boys” who don’t know the price of milk and who show no remorse for their policies, no contrition and no passion to want to understand the lives of others – two public school boys who don’t care either. The […]

Wine Drinker? British? Are you still being Conned?

Wine Producing Countries In the olden days the Brits drank good wine. Not the general masses of course – the serfs made do with beer – but the aristocracy. But they didn’t buy it here (there were no Off-Licences in those days!). No, they simply raised a small army and boated over to France, kicked […]

The Six Year Search for Madeleine McCann – a Breakthrough at Last?

e-fits of people of interest to Police Maddie 3 yrs and now possibly? Only a parent can understand the pain and ordeal suffered when something is wrong or something adverse happens to a child. The younger the child the deeper the pain. Only a mother can feel the enormity and panic experienced when their child […]

The Word Cup 2022 in Qatar – what skulduggery went on and what chicanery is going on now?

Proposed venues Ash Shamal, Al Khor, Lusail, Umm Salai, Al Rayyan, Doha, Al Wakrah One of the Doha stadiaQatar Bid Logo 2009 Spain winners of World Cup 2010 in South Africa The football world was gobsmacked when three tears ago Sepp Blatter announced in Zurich that the 2022 World Cup (the 22nd) would be held […]