Syrian Fiasco‏!

syriasyria dead


The United States previously said very publically that it was ‘essential’ that the Bashar al-Assad regime was punished for their continuing use of chemical weapons. It was very clear they claimed that their use had been by the Syrian Government and that they had compelling intelligence evidence to this effect on the latest incident (despite the absurd Assad claims that the Rebels had somehow acquired such weapons plus the means to deliver these weapons and somehow had a desire to use them against their own people and area – some 1500 dead including about 400 children in the latest attack).


This was repeatedly said to be required to take international action (including military strikes (to deplete the regime’s capability) to deter other such regimes from ever in the future using such weapons, which have generally been banned internationally for 100 years.


The latest plan as proposed by Russia is to simply remove Assad’s remaining chemical weapons – and this has now been accepted by the USA (negotiated by Sergei Lavroc of Russia & John Kerry for the USA in Geneva). These remember are weapons they shouldn’t even have and have even denied having – despite the world knowing full well that they were building up a massive stockpile!


What messages does this now send out to the rest of the world? You can use such weapons a dozen or more times,, but then we will take action and confiscate some of them! Some punishment NOT.


All this proposed action will be tried of course,, but Syria will put many many obstacles in the way of inspectors (supported by Russia undoubtedly) you can bet your life on that! They will lie and lie through their teeth about what they have (they are already reportedly dispersing such weapons to dozens and dozens of locations); it will take a year at least for destruction of any chemical weapons we can find


Assad & the Russians have bought themselves a enormous amount of time and opportunity by saying chemical weapons will be given up – time which will be used to ‘finish the job’. (destruction of any opposition to the regime, as well as the murdering thousands of innocent Syrian civilians including children, not to mention the destruction of large parts of the Country!).

Will Assad pay for any of this? For the colossal technical assistance implied?  Dream on! These planned actions will all be at a colossal expense to us others – billions of pounds & dollars & Euros!.


It is of course to be welcomed that Syria will they say sign up to the Chemical Weapons Convention (let’s see how that works out shall we!).


The United Nations is an increasingly impotent organization, who have allowed the Syrian situation to escalate to this stage over some two years (and even now won’t announce who made the last dreadful chemical attack – despite the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon saying that Assad had committed many crimes against humanity)  – inaction, as usual, just like they did with the other massacres (Rwanda for one dreadful example).


When (not IF) Syria do not comply with the agreement you can rely on the UN to do NOTHING.


Meanwhile the slaughter of the Syrian people will continue – with or without chemical weapons![And Assad continues to escape justice].


[A very worrying result of all this is that President Obama (supposedly the most powerful leader in the World!) has been shown to be both weak, speaks with a forked tongue & to worryingly to have been completely outmaneuvered by the Russians!‘may’ think he can play the long game, but so far he is simply a ‘looser’ ].

One thought on “Syrian Fiasco‏!

  1. French intelligence estimates that Syria has more than 1,000 tons worth of chemical weapons (The Daily Telegraph) including mustard, sarin and VX nerve gas – “one of the deadliest substances known to man”. It is thought that putting these beyond use, even in peacetime, would take years!

    The main argument is being “blurred” by this idea of the weapons being given up. A political leadership that orders the use of chemical weapons in the first place is the problem, rather than “the ingredients themselves”. The world can supposedly have Assad’s chemical weapons providing we do no more than grumble about it! Surely military action is the only real way to show rogue states that the use of such weapons will not be tolerated?

    How sad that we so easily sidestep the fact that killing innocent civilians is barbaric in any form, and rather than addressing this about his regime we consider it ok to just ask Assad if he would “please kill his enemies using conventional means.” How truly awful for those who have no choice but to live in his country and receive no help whatsoever from the rest of the world.


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