Children’s’ Shoes – another part of ‘Rip-Off’ Britain?

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Clarks £36Clarks 36
Only a parent of a young child can know the frustration of being ripped-off when buying children’s’ shoes.

You see the problem is that ‘caring’ parents, who are the majority, worry about their kid’s feet (as well as other things of course regarding their children’s health!), and are obliged to buy them new shoes as their feet grow quickly and their existing shoes get tight and ill fitting. Mums & Dads know that having tight and inadequate shoes will permanently damaged their little one’s feet – so it is off to the shoe shop, whatever the state of home finances!

That is where they get the shock! The price of new children’s shoes is very horrifyingly high. Why is that? It is because the manufacturers and the retailers know they have got the families trapped and on the run – and they can charge them a fortune, just because they are caring parents!

Many children’s shoes and even baby shoes are priced well over the odds, and cannot reflect the actual cost of manufacture and selling them (the material in them is so small compared to an adult shoe and the assembly process is not particularly special either). Mums will pay MORE for their walking one year old baby’s shoes than they pay for their own ‘adult’ shoes! How can that be right or fair?

Clarks, one of the parents’ ‘trusted’ brands, want you to spend some £30 -40 even on pre-walking baby shoes! Mums are not surprised to be faced with a £45 price tag [another ‘trusted’ brand start rite baby shoes for 1 year old toddlers shoes from a shoe shop for example). Mind you an UGG Australian kid’s pair of boots will only set you back some £145! Or can you afford a start rite ‘Baby William’ pre-walking baby leather shoe for about £60?

[Can you do anything? Afraid not! If you are a parent you are already caught in the trap – there is no one to help you!]

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