Smoking in Prisons – Time to Ban it?

The Health Act 2006 brought-in a total ban in England to stop smoking in all enclosed work places, which came into force in July 2007 – this followed the lead of other UK counties (Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) which had introduced similar bans. [Some private companies had much earlier introduced such bans in their […]

The Scandal of Cheap Clothes – Exposed at Last!

In the UK we enjoy the luxury of ‘cheap’ clothes. Almost all of them are not made here however – our manufacturing costs are too high compared with those of Asia! We enforce rigorous standards of safety and worker welfare here including hours worked and pay. Do we ever think about this when we buy […]

Political Party Conferences – they’re having a laugh aren’t they? Update!

Well, we are in the period when all the major political parties are holding their conferences – their constituency delegates from all round the country swan – off to some seaside resort or other important centre to air their, sometimes obscure, views of what the party should do: the Greens –who pretend to be a […]

Syrian Fiasco‏!

  The United States previously said very publically that it was ‘essential’ that the Bashar al-Assad regime was punished for their continuing use of chemical weapons. It was very clear they claimed that their use had been by the Syrian Government and that they had compelling intelligence evidence to this effect on the latest incident […]

Modern Gadgets – Should they all ‘really’ be given to Kids?

We have entered an era where new sophisticated electronic gadgets appear on the market on a daily basis. This unusual explosion is confusing most of our adults, and they don’t always feel comfortable or in control. The problem is that as humans develop they get a bit ‘set in their ways’ and new innovations are […]

Rip-Off Vet Charges in England – they are getting away with murder!

Anyone in England who has a pet will have experienced the massive and unwarranted charges when you have to take your pet to the Veterinary Surgery. There is no real price competition between Vets– they ALL charge sky high prices and get away with it. Vets have created a mammoth ‘unregulated’ market to be exploited […]

Children’s’ Shoes – another part of ‘Rip-Off’ Britain?

start rite £59 Clarks £36 Only a parent of a young child can know the frustration of being ripped-off when buying children’s’ shoes. You see the problem is that ‘caring’ parents, who are the majority, worry about their kid’s feet (as well as other things of course regarding their children’s health!), and are obliged to […]

Bankers aren’t Bonkers – We Are!

BONUS Have you ever asked yourself why are Bankers able to pay themselves massive salaries and award themselves enormous bonuses? Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs is said to grab $21 million – poor old John Stump (Wells Fargo) had to manage on only $18 million. Britain itself has some two and a half thousand Bankers […]