High Speed Rail (HS2) – Another Sick Joke By a Sick ‘Out Of Touch’ Government

modern expresshs2

Modern Express Train>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>High Speed Train

England is a tiny Country really. It is only about 400 miles top to bottom. The whole UK is only about 650 miles top to bottom. Current transport, car, rail, plane, can cover this kind of distance easily and quickly. But our government think we should build a High Speed railway link up the west side of England, linking London and the West Midlands,  to make journey times even quicker (HS trains run at some 170 mph to 225mph but use double the energy – our normal trains can only manage 125 mph max!), WHY HS2? Because they want to ‘Keep up with the Jones’ – show everybody that we are keeping up with the times, show the entire world that we embrace the latest technology! [in Europe, France, Spain, and Germany, have all investing heavily in HS rail). Another visionary scheme by our out of touch politicians. The lucky commuters from Birmingham or Manchester will save about 20mins on their journey; from Liverpool some 10mins! What a farce!

The idea of HS2 has been around a long time. Alistair Darling former Labour Transport Secretary (2002 – 2006) agreed with it originally and approved the early stages of the project when he became Chancellor (2007 – 2010). He is a man to be relied upon; he has his feet on the ground [he was one of only three people to serve throughout the last Labour government – the other two were Brown and Straw]. His latest  judgement is that HS2 will now be a nightmare – and is one to be avoided! He determines that it would be foolish to proceed – it was only just about feasible in 2010, but no longer as the potential costs spiral ever upward.

There wasn’t much controversy over the construction of HS1 (2003) because this was the essential 70 mile link from London to the Channel Tunnel to run trains to the Continent.

In contrast HS2 is highly controversial. It is a dog’s breakfast – it doesn’t even link to Heathrow Airport (or for that matter Crossrail, or the Great Western Main line, or HS1). And there will be no trains running until 2026!

Perhaps the biggest bugbear is the massive cost of HS2 – it started out in 2009 at around £16 billion, then estimated in 2011 at £33 billion and some forecasts now say £80 billion (i.e. double the official estimate). We all know that the BIG government projects ALWAYS run out of control – so perhaps it will be £160 billion?

Whatever the eventual cost you can be sure of one thing – it will be a massive drain on the Country’s resources and will kill off all the other important and necessary investment on the standard railway (don’t believe the politicians who say it won’t!).

The other dreadful impact will be the major blight to our unspoilt countryside with multi-acre swathes of farmland affected, as well as nature reserves and Areas of Natural Beauty (even if more tunnels and bridges get included – a source of much higher costs of course). Thousands of rural homes and businesses will be suffering decades of uncertainty as planning develops.

The Tory led Coalition Government have got the bit between their teeth and are going hell for leather – full speed ahead (whatever the consequences). Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin is a typical example – he stupidly thinks HS2 is the ONLY way to meet future demand (what about running more trains on the existing network for example?). Nick Clegg is of course in favour (he is ALWAYS out of touch with reality). Boris Johnson the buffoon acting Mayor of London thinks it is all a gimmick. Labour are of course keeping their powder dry – they currently say they support it (but caveat that position with comments about ‘value for money’). Lord Mandelson, former Labour Business Secretary is against. Virgin’s leader, and train operator, Richard Branson is also against HS2.

If YOU yourself are against HS2 just let your MP know (before it is too late!)

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